· December, 2010

Stories about Ghana from December, 2010

Ghana: Takoradi, More Than a Tale of Two Cities

  31 December 2010

There are two incontrovertible truths about Takoradi city in Ghana: “it made news in the oil world on 15 December, 2010 when Ghana officially became an oil-exporting country; secondly, the capital of the verdant and lush Western region is a twin city alongside Sekondi…”

Ghana: Who cares about District Assembly Elections?

  30 December 2010

Who cares about District Assembly Elections in Ghana?: “So is anyone worried about the District Assemble Elections??? Because no one seems to care and still government preaches that it allocates monies for development projects at that level. The public toilets remain same in Osu, a cosmopolitan suburb of Accra.”

Africa: 15 African Breakout Artists of the Year

  30 December 2010

Ladybrille's 15 African breakout artists of the year: “2010 has been a terrific year for African music and its music industry. As a quick recap, the first World Cup held on African soil put African music center stage in the homes of millions…”

Ghana: Reflections on Christmas in Accra

  28 December 2010

Fiona reflects on Christmas in Accra, Ghana: “Pink plastic Christmas trees on sale by the side of the road. Inflatable Santas on sale by the side of the road. Flashing Santa hats on sale by the side of the road. Pictures of Jesus, hair clippers, rat poison, socks, kites, ‘white...

“In the beginning was the Word”: Blogs by Bible translators

  24 December 2010

This week Christians will celebrate the birth of Jesus. Christianity appears in many forms around the world and has around 2.2 billion adherents. In this post we take a look at the blogs of the people trying to make sure Christian scripture can be understood in as many languages as possible – Bible translators.

Ghana: Ghana's First Oil: A Blessing or Curse?

  16 December 2010

Is oil a blessing or curse for Ghana?: “Do you see the first Oil as a blessing or a curse to Ghana? Do you think, Ghana is fortunate in terms of this first oil? Which areas do you think, the oil revenue be used in developing Ghana? What are your...

Ghana: Let oil flow, let it flow, let it flow

  15 December 2010

Oil production started today in Ghana: “Today oil in large commercial quantities starts to flow for the first time in Ghana. There's a big ceremony full of pomp and pageantry underway off the shores of Takoradi.”

Africa: ICT terms in African languages available online

  10 December 2010

ANLoc partners have completed work on 2500 Information and Communications Technology terms, with a particular eye to software localization, for the following languages: Akan, Amharic, Arabic, French, Kinyarwanda, Lingala, Luganda, Songhay, Yoruba, and Zulu.

Ghana: BarCamp Ghana 2010 at Ashesi University

  8 December 2010

BarCamp Ghana 2010, an ad-hoc gathering where attendees meet for discussions, demos and networking, will take place on December 18 2010 at the Ashesi University campus in Accra. The theme is “Create dreams, work smart and shape the future”.

Côte d'Ivoire: Ghanaian Bloggers React to Political Unrest

  7 December 2010

There is a dispute going on over the results of presidential run-off in Côte d'Ivoire amid rising post-election tensions. The Ivorian authorities have closed all natural borders of the country and suspended local transmission of international news stations. Let’s see how Ghanaian bloggers are reacting to the political situation in Côte d'Ivoire.

Ghana: Ghana Brewery reacts to ActionAid report on tax dodging

  6 December 2010

Ghana Brewery has reacted to ActionAid report on tax dodging: Speaking on the phone, the Managing Director of ABL, Greg Metcalf said “We completely reject the report,” indicating that the report contains incorrect facts. Reiterating SABMiller’s earlier position, Metcalf said “we do not practice aggressive tax policy”, adding “it is...

Ghana: Waiting for fried, ripe plantain with ginger in Accra

  2 December 2010

Emmanuel introduces his readers to Kelewele: “In this specific case, kelewele (pronounced kay-lay-way-lay), which is, in essence, fried, ripe plantain (generally sweet), with ginger. You can occasionally take it with peanuts as a meal. Sometimes, people take it as dessert!”

Africa: SABMiller, Schtop Tax Dodging

  2 December 2010

ActionAid published a report on Monday exposing how international corporations dodge millions in taxes all over Africa. The report found that SABMiller has avoided paying an estimated £20m in taxes. ActionAid has launched a campaign (‘Schtop’) to encourage more accountability and transparency.

Ghana: Understand E-Waste Through Photos

  1 December 2010

E-Waste in Ghana: Perspectives from several photographers: “A couple of weeks ago, Pete Brook over at Prison Photography wrote a great blog post comparing Burkina Faso-born Nyaba Leon Ouedraogo’s photos of e-waste in Ghana with South African Pieter Hugo’s images. Ouedraogo is currently a contendor for the prestigious PrixPictet award...