· October, 2010

Stories about Ghana from October, 2010

Africa: African Science Cafes

  26 October 2010

On expanding African science cafes: “Science cafes are slowly and steadily spreading across the African continent. Regular cafes are being held in South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, Ghana, and Morocco. It began in 2007 at a workshop on African Science Cafes in South Africa supported by the British Council.”

Ghana: Ghana's Unique Coffins

  21 October 2010

Do you know Ghanaian unique coffins?: “On the dusty, honk-echoing, chicken-crossing, exhaust-fumed streets right outside of Accra, the capital of the English-speaking West African country, one tribe called the Ga is renowned for their casket masterpieces.”

Africa: African Elections to Watch

  15 October 2010

African elections to watch: “Nigeria – It will be all systems go as “the moderate corrupt” Goodluck tries to win against the Youth Ribandu (Former Anti Corruption head) who is responsible for putting several Governors out of work and on the run. Uganda:Museveni will try to get 20 years in...

Ghana: Interview with Ghanaian musician Koby Maxwell

  8 October 2010

Museke talks to Ghanaian musician Koby Maxwell: “Koby gave a marvelous performance and became the toast of the audience. He spent the weekend in the Bay Area and Museke caught up with him to learn his story and find out about his music.”

Ghana: McDonalds, You Are Not Welcome

  4 October 2010

Mighty Africa will not welcome McDonalds to Ghana: “I love Twitter. That's where I get my news these days, alongside Facebook. Times have changed my people. My friend @Freegeneration tweeted of McDonalds opening up in Ghana and I was like…. in a nutshell. Hell, no!”