· September, 2010

Stories about Ghana from September, 2010

Ghana: The Complete Boredom of Ghanaian Functions

  28 September 2010

According to Graham Ghanaian functions are boring: “Having attended Ghanaian functions in both London and Ghana, the experience has been the same. Firstly, the host seats you at a table with other people but does not introduce you to anyone on the table, as we would in my culture.”

Ghana: BarCamp Accra 2010

  27 September 2010

BarCamp Accra 2010 is around the corner: “I'm sure if you live in the capital, Accra, and you do not know yet of Bar Camps, then you obviously have not been listening.”

Africa: Ajami Writing System

  21 September 2010

Do you know Ajami writing system?: “Ajami writing system has been used for at least at least a thousands years in parts of Africa. As I understand it, the script is a modification of Arabic incorporating local languages such as Hausa [mainly the northern regions of Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Ghana]...

Ghana: Homosexuals in Parliament

  21 September 2010

Abena reacts to an article about homosexuals in Ghana's parliament: “According to the article, the aforementioned Mr Adjei has a list of purported homosexuals and they all happen to be members of the opposition.At first I thought April Fool's Day had come early (or late?) and that this article was...

Ghana: Rubbish Politics

  20 September 2010

Osabutey analyses the stupidity of Ghanaian politics: “The decency in Ghanaian politics has obviously been sacrificed to sheer stupidity. Since the space of the so called democracy was opened more than ten years ago, all that has been going on is stupidity.”

USA and Ghana: The most powerful black men on twitter

  19 September 2010

Abena links to a list of the “100 Most Powerful Black Men on Twitter“, but is disappointed that so many of the names come from the entertainment industry. “Are black men with the most impact on the planet likely to be rappers and sportsmen?” she asks.

Africa: Diaspora Camp DC 2010

  16 September 2010

Diaspora Camp DC: Recap: “The event brought together about 120 entrepreneurs, investors, students and professionals to find out the ways to access capital to start, fund and grow small and medium enterprises as well as other kinds of ventures.”

Africa: Thank God for Colonialism

  16 September 2010

Thank God for colonialism in Africa: “The colonial state was able to offer useful things to converts, such as protection, preferential treatment, access to education and ultimately access to jobs within the colonial administration and all the privileges that came with that. Christianity became a ‘badge of honour’.”

Ghana: Football and the white coach myth

  12 September 2010

Nana's analysis of white coach myth in Ghana's football: “Ghana's biggest achievements in football have come from local coaches ONLY. Unless we want to say that a quarter-final debut is bigger than the Nations Cup trophy, we must listen to the voice of Sankofa.”

Ghana: Andikra Cloth Symbols

  10 September 2010

Ma-Jordan's photo of the week is Andikra cloth symbols: “Adinkra are visual symbols, originally created by the Akan of Ghana and the Gyaman of Cote d'Ivoire in West Africa, that represent concepts or aphorisms.”

Ghana: Do You Know Kube-ology?

  3 September 2010

Welcome to kube-ology 101: “Kube-ology is the study of kube (coconut) and kube-ology 101 is a series of kube lessons…In this course, I will bring you mini-lessons that I learn about kube in my bid to become a kube-meister…”

Ghana: TEDxAccra takes place September 20, 2010

  3 September 2010

MightyAfrican announces TEDxAccra: “Before BarCamp Accra happens on October 2, you should attend TEDxAccra as well. It is one of the TEDxChange events which are happening all over the world on September 20, 2001.”