· December, 2008

Stories about Ghana from December, 2008

Ghana: Tired of dirty politics

  30 December 2008

Omanba of Ghanaconscious criticizes politics in Ghana as pressuring people with “with negativity and scandalous innuendos”. For him the recent presidential elections have brought “the worst of humankind in Ghana”.

Ghana: Waiting for a President

  29 December 2008

On December 7, Ghanaians came to the polls to elect a President, but a runoff was necessary. While waiting for the results of that second round that took place yesterday, Ethan Zuckerman reviews what is being said on Twitter and in the blogosphere.

Ghana: Election runoff

  28 December 2008

African Elections Project posted some pictures of the runoff for the 7th of December Presidential elections taking place today, while @ghanaelections has been offering live Twitter updates on the voting.

Ghana: Upcoming conference on communication education

  23 December 2008

Communication, Culture, Democracy & Development in Nigeria announces that the African Council for Communication Education (ACCE) is organizing a conference to take place at the University of Ghana from the 4th to the 8th of August 2009 under the theme “Communication education and practice in Africa: a social contract for...

Ghana: Time for decentralisation?

  19 December 2008

Omanba at Ghanaconscious gives a few reasons why handing back power to local governments would be good in Ghana, as a new government approaches after the December 7th elections.

Twittering the Ghanaian Elections

  8 December 2008

While the use of Twitter has become quite popular in some countries, it is still a very new tool in other regions such as Sub-Saharan Africa. However, it has proven to be an efficient way to quickly share information in times of political changes such as yesterday's Presidential and Parliamentary elections in Ghana as shown by this Twitter roundup.

Ghana: Choosing the lesser evil in the presidential elections

  5 December 2008

Jemila of Ghana Unite for Development comments on Ghana's development efforts in view of the upcoming presidential elections on December 7th. He appears pessimistic about the outcome: “I am not in the least bit confident in any result that this election might come to. All I can hope is that...