· May, 2008

Stories about Ghana from May, 2008

Africa: Nokia and the developing world

  14 May 2008

White African notes that Nokia's business interest in Africa: “There is a reason that Africans, by and large, love Nokia and there’s a reason that the brand has made such an impact in that part of the world. While most companies around the world are ignoring Africa, Nokia actively develops...

Africa: African Fashion News

  13 May 2008

Ladybrille African Fashion News: “A weekly collection of fashion news relating to or about Africa. Some quick highlights from this week's news: a) Ghana prepares for its first ever fashion week with Coca-Cola Accra Fashion Week; b) South Africa forges fashion relationships with Asia, South Africa based Nigerian Designer Fred...

Ghana: Sleepless and wireless in Accra

  12 May 2008

Bensah writes about Internet connectivity and UNCTAD conference in Accra, Ghana: “Glitches notwithstanding, throughout the UNCTAD conference proper, that is exactly *how* connected we were. This is not some kind of digital exuberance; this is the reality of the twenty-first century, where ubiquitous internet connectivity is instrumental in our homes,...