· February, 2008

Stories about Ghana from February, 2008

The groundswell of opposition to AFRICOM from African bloggers

  24 February 2008

At the tail-end of U.S. President George Bush’s six-day, five-country farewell tour of Africa came the announcement the Pentagon’s plans for a second U.S. military base on the continent of Africa is dead. Questions from the blogshpere flew: What exactly are U.S. interests in Africa?

Ghana: Elections in Ghana

  19 February 2008

Ghana Elections 2008 blog's short history of elections in Ghana: “The leader of the then opposition NPP party John Kuffuor won year 2000 and 2004 elections. As per the constitution, John Kuffor can not stand for elections again in year 2008. Apart from the national elections for the post of...

Ghana/Kenya: The bamboo Bike Project

  19 February 2008

AfriGadget writes a story about bamboo bikes in Ghana and Kenya: “The Bamboo Bike, an endeavour that aims at building bicycles in a sustainable fashion using bamboo as the primary construction material, is a joint project run by Craig Calfree of Calfree Design, a high tech bicycle design firm based...

Ghana: Ghana Elections 2008 Blog

  17 February 2008

Ethan Zuckerman posts a link to a special Ghana Elections 2008 Blog: “The beginnings of a project to monitor Ghana’s upcoming presidential and parliametary elections via blogs, mobiles and community radio.”

Ghana/Nigeria: Electronic payment linking West Africa

  15 February 2008

Oluniyi writes about an electronic payment network linking Ghana and Nigeria: “A news item on Vanguard’s website indicates that Nigerian-issued Etranzact cards can be used on Etranzact-linked ATMs in Ghana and vice-versa…”

Egypt: On Winning the African cup of Nation, Ghana 2008

  13 February 2008

Ask any Egyptian, he’d tell you that last Sunday night, February the 10th, wasn’t like any night.. a night like “thousand nights”.. Egypt won the African Cup of Nations in Ghana 2008 after a fierce match with Cameron 1-0. A marvelous score in a beautiful ditto between Abu Tarika and Zeidan. Egypt won.. Celebrations was almost every where on each and every street in Egypt, as well as in many other Arab countries.

Africa: Fashion merging nations

  9 February 2008

Misi writes about the popularity of African prints: “Everywhere you turn, Ankara is in-demand; you see people wearing ‘Ghana’, ‘Ivory Coast’ and ‘London Wax’ Ankaras. And the best part of it all is that it is affordable, in some cases cheaper than buying a cell phone recharge card.”

Ghana: Suprises from the Africa Cup of Nations

  8 February 2008

Emmanuel writes about the Africa Cup of Nations in Ghana: “The surprise of yesterday was Ivory Coast's ouster from the championship. The Ivoirians probably underrated the Egyptians initially and before they started taking them seriously it was already late.”

Football Comes Home to Ghana

  5 February 2008

For the past three weeks, soccer has come home—literally—and Ghanaians of all walks of life have not been immune to the excitement and ecstasy it has generated throughout the country.