· December, 2006

Stories about Ghana from December, 2006

Ghana: blogging from Ghana

  16 December 2006

An American in Africa puts her blog and life in Ghana into perspective, “I can't fix Africa's problems. I can't fix Ghana's problems. I can help my little corner of the world and my Ghanaian friends, but that is between them and me.”

Voices from Ghana

  6 December 2006

This week’s voices from Ghana remind us that Obruni (white or foreigner) bloggers in Ghana are well and truly getting used to the country for its problem. No country is without its particular problems, but for these bloggers, some are more acute and note-worthy than others. The first complaint lodged...

Ghana: bead-making

  1 December 2006

An American in Africa writes about bead-making in Ghana, “Ghanaian beads are so cool. They use old glass to make them, and they come in every color, shape and size you can imagine. There are antique beads that are beyond our budget (and probably beyond Ghana's “Export of Antiquities” laws!),...