· May, 2006

Stories about Ghana from May, 2006

Ghana: Foreign Coaches

  31 May 2006

Trials and Tribulations of a Freshly Arrived Denzian in Ghana comments on Ghana choosing foreigners as coaches.

From the West African Blogosphere

  30 May 2006

A student in the University of Ghana blogs at Africa Update and is painting a brief sketch of what final exams are like, in the university. now, do remember that the university of ghana is considered to be one of the best universities in africa. one of my profs went...

Senegal: Immigration as colonization

  25 May 2006

“No Sarkozy! Immigration does not come from a vacuum,” says (Fr) Semett in a post on French interior minister Nicolas Sarkozy's immigration policies. “With centuries of merciless exploitation of subsaharan countries and a continuous transfer of their riches to the North, it is logical that the disinherited masses from Africa...

Ghana: Social living and cultural change

25 May 2006

Koranteng's Toli begins part 9 of his “Things Fall Apart” series – here he looks at “social living” in Ghana (Africa) …”I put this entry under the banner of social living is that this theme is something I want to investigate further filtered through the lens of Ghana, Africa, literature,...

Africa: Lacking self-reliance

  22 May 2006

Africa Unchained points to a feature on Ghana web which accuses Ghanaians (Sub Saharan Africans) of lacking self-reliance and questions African leadership...”The question is, do our leaders have to sit down doing no brain search to find ways to get us out of spoon feeding by others, and feed ourselves?”

African Diaspora: Victory for Sarkozy's Immigration Law

” [French Interior Minister] Sarkozy's immigration law [CESEDA] passed in the French National Assembly! ” says (Fr) Aimafrica . “For a country like Mali, this could be the beginning of an economic catastrophy. France … after having looted our riches and our people, wants business as usual. She no longer...

Chad: What is France doing there?

  17 May 2006

Generation Consciente, Une Autre Afrique asks (Fr) “What is France doing in Chad? In Africa?” and answers: “The day before yesterday, they waved the communist threat to explain France's presence in Africa. Yesterday Anglo-American jolts justified the need to stay. Today Islamist regimes peak their heads in and explain our...

Africa: Clandestine Emigration

  17 May 2006

Seckasysteme would like to see (Fr) “a summit of West African heads of state so that clandestine emigration can be uprooted and so as to find a durable solution to the problem.” “Hundreds have died since the beginning of the year for having simply tried to escape misery,” continues the...

Ghana: Chocolate memories

  17 May 2006

Ramblings of an African Geek is presently visiting his home in Ghana. Here he remembers fondly the chocolate of his childhood. Ghanaian chocolate Ghana is one of the largest producers of cocoa in the world. He posts some photos of Tree Chocolate – a Ghanaian speciality.

Ghana: Health Care

  8 May 2006

Trials and Tribulations of a Freshyly Arrrive Denizen debates public v private health care in Ghana... A lot of people, including myself, appreciate the efforts of public health care, but see it as still insufficient. I have tended to believe that private is better, because of the quality of the...

African Diaspora: Hard times for Africans in France and Belgium

Several francophone blogs have tackled African immigrants’ latest tribulations in France and Belgium. Choosing Immigrants Le Pangolin criticizes French interior minister Nicolas Sarkozy’s latest round of immigration policies. The blogger sees Sarkozy’s approach as a diversion from the real social issues raised by protestors of the CPE [Youth Employment Law]....