· February, 2006

Stories about Ghana from February, 2006

Ghana: Voting rights to Diasporans

  23 February 2006

The Trials and Tribulations of a Freshly Arrived Denizen comments on demonstrations in Accra, Ghana over the “ Representation of the People's Amendment Bill” which he says would “in effect, give voting rights to those Ghanaian residents overseas”

Ghana: markets

21 February 2006

Ghana Journal, NGO worker describes the markets scene in Accra.…….”The market is a swirling mess of people – hawkers shaking t-shirts and pants, calling out for attention or if they’re within reach grabbing my hand or my arm. There’s women carrying bakeries on their heads, young men hefting boxes full...

African Music Roundup #3

  14 February 2006

It's been a fun few weeks with the festival of football that was the African Cup of Nations (congratulations to Egypt the host). Watching all the footballing talent on display made me proud to be an African. So we look forward to Ghana '08 and all the beautiful things the...

  9 February 2006

Musengeshi Katata comments (FR) on Amely-James Koh Bela's book on African prostitution in the West at Forum Realisance: “Can one really defend values that are everyday assaulted and eroded by poverty? … Without a battle against poverty including against western exploitation and the depravation of African economies, without a protracted...

Ghana: bird flu in Nigeria

9 February 2006

The Trials and Tribulations of a Freshly Arrived Denzien comments on the outbreak of Avian flu in Nigeria which he says shows Africa is a high risk from the disease.

In praise of Ghana street food

3 February 2006

My Heart's in Accra writes in praise of Ghana street food – “Great food is one of the main reasons to come to Accra. And the way to eat in Ghana is not to go to restaurants, but to wander from stall to stall on the sidewalks, eating plantain, kebab,...

Africa Cup – Ghana over and out

3 February 2006

The Trials & Tribulations of a Freshly-Arrived Denizen mourns Ghana's Black Stars poor performance in the Africa Cup of Nations.