· November, 2005

Stories about Ghana from November, 2005

Ghana: WSIS

14 November 2005

The Trials & Tribulations of a Freshly-Arrived Denizen is in Tunis attending the WSIS conference and from his two reports he seems to be in awe of the city and it's people. “Looks like Tunis is capitalising big-time, as one would do, on its status as the cynosure of the...

Video blog: The Liberian Refugees of Buduburam

  8 November 2005


Video documentary of my July 2005 visit to the Liberian refugee camp in Buduburam, Ghana. I learn about the challenges faced by Liberians forced to flee their homeland, as well as some of the training programs available to them. I visit one of the camp's telecentres, as well as an women's literacy support group. Music used with permission of Alula Records.
Nine minutes, 50 megabytes.

Low-res version (20 megabytes):

Ghana: Missing Africans

3 November 2005

Ramblings of an African Geek wonders why African characters and references to Africa are missing from Science Fiction novels. “So, by virtue of both the shade of my skin and where I was born I am virtually invisible to the perceived SF mainstream, which is overwhelmingly white, hetero, male and...

Ghana: GIA

1 November 2005

The Trials and Tribulations of a freshly arrived-Denizan reports on the launch of Ghana's new national airline to be known as GIA (Ghana International Airways) – whatever happened to Ghana Airways?