· April, 2006

Stories about Eritrea from April, 2006

UN Rights Council

  19 April 2006

EMDHR Writes reports on the protests by NGOS of the proposed appointment to the UN Rights Council of Jean Ziegler “founder of the “Muammar Khadhafi Human Rights Prize,” as an expert for the UN's new Human Rights Council. Human Rights actvists presented a letter to the UN stating “said that...

Views from the Horn of Africa and Sudan

  14 April 2006

Ethiopia is one of only four African nations that were never colonies of a European power. Though independent, Ethiopia was subjected to Italian occupation from 1936 to 1941. ethiopundit takes us back in history—110 years ago—to the Battle of Adwa, in which Ethiopian forces defeated the technologically superior Italian colonialists:...

Ethiopia: Online military recruitment

  10 April 2006

Weblog Ethiopia writes on a worrying developing in the Eritrea/Ethiopian relationship. “A group of Ethiopian opponents supported by Eritrea and in favour of armed struggle has embarked on an advertising campaign using the Internet.”

Eritrea: Including the youth

  6 April 2006

EMDHR writing on Eritrea comments on the government's treatment of the youth in the country. As they represent the future the government should apply a more inclusive policy towards the youth….”the youth are sizeable proportion of the Eritrean labour force. Youth are an engine of growth and development. The sooner...