· January, 2006

Stories about Eritrea from January, 2006

Eritrea: Press freedom

20 January 2006

EMDHR from Eritrea writes on the lack of press freedom in Eritrea….”Nowadays, in Eritrea, the government in power controls the mass media. Newspapers, radio and television stations are predominantly government owned or censored. As a result of this, an atmosphere of phobia and lack of interest is created among journalists...

Views from the Horn of Africa

  20 January 2006

The blogosphere in the Horn of Africa and Sudan has been awash with discussions spanning the realms of culture and politics. One common feature, which seems to have arisen amongst Ethiopian bloggers is their lack of sympathy for the ruling government of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. Ethiopian Paradox, a thought...

Ethiopia: pro democracy movement

  18 January 2006

Friends of Ethiopia wonders if the coming visit by US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs to Ethiopia and Eritrea is bad news for the pro-democracy movement in Ethiopia…..”” Washington's leverage over Ethiopia is a promise to help Meles deal with a turbulent political situation at home and to...