· November, 2005

Stories about Eritrea from November, 2005

Ethiopia, Eritrea military build up

  25 November 2005

Friends of Ethiopia reports the UN is threatening acton against Ethiopia and Eritrea if they do not reverse their military build up. If either nation refuses they could face sanctions.

Horn of Africa: HR petition

  8 November 2005

Inside Somaliland reports on a petition against the worsening human rights violations in Ethiopia. The petition is being organised by a Horn of Africa coalition consisting of “Human Rights Defenders from Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia and Somaliland, Sudan, Uganda and Tanzania, united in the East and Horn of Africa...

Ethiopia,Eritrea border crisis

  7 November 2005

Friends of Ethiopia looks at the border crisis between Ethiopia and it's neighbour Eritrea and notes that the crisis conicided with the continued political violence in Addis and Adaba.

A look at the blogosphere in the Horn of Africa and Sudan

  1 November 2005

The term Horn of Africa in this report represents Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia. Ethiopian bloggers have been busy assessing the political situation in their country following general elections held there in May 2005 which the ruling party of Prime Minister Meles Zewani reportedly won. Ethiopundit in an article entitled Politics...