· March, 2006

Stories about D.R. of Congo from March, 2006

DRC: Priest Describes 3/22 Protest

  31 March 2006

Le Blog du Congolais posts (FR) a Le Phare interview with a priest, Rev. Blaise Kanda, who attended UDPS’ March 22 protest. Rev. Kanda reports that even though UDPS leadership may not be ready to take up arms, rank-and-file demonstrators shouted slogans that indicated they were. He was also surprised...

DRC: Malu Malu Announces Delay in Communal Elections

  31 March 2006

UDPS Liege blogger ngstephane comments (FR) on electoral council President Appolinaire Malu Malu's appearance on a Belgian talk show yesterday. Blogger is especially disappointed with Malu Malu's announcement that communal elections will have to take place later than the constitutionally mandated June 30, 2006 deadline and predicts that Malu Malu...

DRC: UDPS’ Latest Demands

  30 March 2006

Doubting that elections can and will take place June 30 as planned, UDPS Liege posts(FR) the UDPS’ latest demands to the international community and the Congolese government. Demands include the reopening of voter and candidate registration, a realistic electoral calendar, the inclusion of the Congolese diaspora in the electoral process...

DRC: A Chat with Blogger Tony Katombe

  29 March 2006

Anthony Mica Katombe (Tony for short) is a blogger from the DRC who’ll “turn 39 April 13”. He has a degree in English and African Cultural Studies Education from a Congolese University. He owns Le Blog du Congolais and co-edits Le Prince du Fleuve Congo, a group blog. On the...

DRC: Counting the animals

  28 March 2006

Kim Gjerstad who works in the DRC “saving animals and trees” explains how animals are counted..Our teams that cumulate 30 people split themselves in small groups and walk “transects” (straight line) kilometers on end. GPS, digital camera, and notebooks are used to witness all the details and location of interesting...

DRC: Kabila's Rwandan Ties Questioned

  26 March 2006

Renouveau Congolais posts (FR) a picture in which DRC transitional president and presidential candidate Joseph Kabila allegedly stands to the right of Rwandan General Paul Kagame during the 1994 Rwandan genocide. Kabila was allegedly General Kagame's bodyguard during the genocide. Blogger Dr. Francois Thsipamba Mpuila and several readers debate whether...

Africa: We Can't Blame Everything on the West

  26 March 2006

Le Pangolin writes (FR): “So long as we fail to entertain critiques of our destructive ways, we will always be dominated by the West. Imagine for a moment all Africans living in Europe creating investment funds; they could then purchase on [various] stock markets the very companies that determine the...

A new website about DR Congo

  24 March 2006

At Congo Watch there's the announcement of a new website called Friends of the Congo. There is also a Friends of the Congo Blog. Both sites have as their masthead a quotation from famous former Congolese leader Patrice Lumumba: “We are not alone. Africa, Asia, and free and liberated people...

DRC: How Many Take Part in Opposition Protests?

  23 March 2006

At UDPS Liege, Raphael Doly Tshipamba questions (FR) European journalist Marie-France Cross’ assertion that less than 400 attended opposition party UDPS’ March 10 and 22 protests. Says Tshipamba: “That is a terrible lie contradicted by AFP and local reports on the one hand and TV5 Monde images on the other.”

DRC: Elections and “Rwandanization”

  23 March 2006

For Musengeshi Katata from Forum Realisance (FR) a victory for Joseph Kabila in the upcoming election would only prolong the “rwandanization” of the Congo. The “rwandanization” of the Congo started when Laurent Kabila, Joseph's predecessor and father began hiring rwandan and ugandan mercenaries to keep himself in power, says Katata....

DRC: Saving UDPS

  22 March 2006

UDPS Liege publishes a reader's plea (FR) that Etienne Tshisekedi-led opposition party UDPS learn the art of political negotiation and to make concessions rather than maintain a purist principled stance on key issues.

DRC: “I Have a Dream”

  22 March 2006

Blogger Tony Katombe of Le Blog du Congolais publishes (FR) an eloquent email received from a Belgian reader who thanks him for shedding light on Belgium's past and present entanglements with the DRC. Katombe then embarks on his version of “I Have a Dream” in which through his blog he...

DRC at a Boiling Point

  21 March 2006

Over at UDPS Liege, blogger J. Kayembe Tshipamba lists (FR) all the reasons why he believes the DRC is headed towards an era reminiscent of the Mobutu years: free speech issues as evidenced by the repressed March 10 opposition protest; the presence of Rwandan mercenaries; the parcelling of the DRC...

DRC: Street kids

  21 March 2006

Adventures of a Retired Armchair Traveller reports on street kids in Kinshasa and points to an article which writes that the children are…”being beaten, abused, starved, thrown out of their homes which brings all the hardships and dangers of living on the street, at least in part because fear of...

Voices from Zimbabwe and the Great Lakes

  20 March 2006

Zimbabwe: This is Zimbabwe celebrated their first annivesary Sunday. Ironically, the blog's birthday is clouded by the government's omnous intentions to fast track a bill will allow them to monitor people's online expression and activities. Are laws like these a threat to the writing of a blog like ours? Well,...

Panel on DRC Civil Society held in Belgium

  19 March 2006

At UDPS Liege, Damien Twambilangana questions (FR) Patient Bagenda's mobilization of his NGO Anti-Bwaki in favor of the DRC's new constitution. (The constitution was voted in by referendum last December. ) Twambilangana who is a member of Debout pour le Congo [Stand Up for Congo]confronted Bagenda with his questions at...

DRC Diasporas Organize to Vote in June Election

  17 March 2006

Renouveau Congolais lauds (FR) efforts by Congolese diasporas in the United Kingdom and the United States to pressure the DRC's electoral commission for voting centers in host countries and encourages Congolese the world over to launch similar efforts. Despite the electoral commission's decision not to allow diaspora voting, the UDPS’...

DRC: Missing Opposition Party Members

  15 March 2006

UDPS Liege, the blog of the Liege chapter of opposition party UDPS reports (FR) that some UDPS members have been missing since a peaceful demonstration the party held Friday in Kinshasa. The missing members are: Asimbu Pierre, Olivier Mushita, Johnny Tshiamalenga and Emmanuel Luboya. The latter two members are law...

DRC: Philippe Liondjo Urges UDPS Leader to Officialize Candidacy

  15 March 2006

Renouveau Congolaisand Le Blog du Congolais post (FR) letters by Banacongo member Philippe Liondjo urging opposition leader Etienne Tshisekedi to register his presidential candidacy by the March 23 deadline. The letters also ask that Tshisekedi abandon his demand that voter registration be reopened.

DRC: Shots of Kinshasa and East Kasai

  15 March 2006

Renouveau Congolais posts (FR) pictures of the poorly maintained streets of Kinshasa, the DRC's capital. Poster wonders whether the current transitional government will deliver on its promise to turn Kinshasa into a modern city if permanently elected. Mostly, poster asks why international aid money has not been used on improving...

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