· December, 2005

Stories about D.R. of Congo from December, 2005

Congo: Gold

21 December 2005

Congo Watch points to a report by the BBC called ” On the trail of DR Congo's ‘cursed’ gold”

DRC: referendum on constitution

19 December 2005

Yebo Gogo writes on yesterday's referendum on a draft constitution held in the DRC. The only problem being is that most people do not know what is in the draft constitution..

Voices From Zimbabwe Plus

  14 December 2005

Zimbabwe: With the elections gone and the country firmly in their grip, the ruling ZANU-PF unravelled their newest ploy to silence hostilities from their own citizens. Trevor Ncube, the publisher of two of Zimbabwe's independent newspapers The Independent and The Standard, and leading South African titles the Mail and Guardian,...

DRC: failed asylum seekers

5 December 2005

Congo Watch has some questions for European governments on asylum seekers who are sent back to the DRC. ……….”Although Africa's bloodiest conflict has cost an estimated four million lives since 1998, many EU countries judge it safe to send failed asylum seekers back. They say that there is a transitional...

DRC: train crash

2 December 2005

Congogirl reports on a train crash in the DRC in which dozens have been killed...”The people were travelling on top of carriages and were swept off by support beams on the bridge. Officials say about 60 people may have died on the train that was travelling from Lubumbashi in the...