Stories about Djibouti from January, 2006

Views from the Horn of Africa

  20 January 2006

The blogosphere in the Horn of Africa and Sudan has been awash with discussions spanning the realms of culture and politics. One common feature, which seems to have arisen amongst Ethiopian bloggers is their lack of sympathy for the ruling government of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. Ethiopian Paradox, a thought...

Ethiopia: Search for a port

  18 January 2006

The Voice of Somaliland Diaspora-Ottawa writes about Ethiopia's search for a port in Somaliland and Djibouti...””Ethiopian officials want an alternative port because they don't want to be fully dependent on Djibouti,” says an expert in the forwarding business. “If Ethiopia could use other ports like Berbera and Port Sudan it...

Dijbouti: US building schools

13 January 2006

Tackling terrorism by building schools. Yebo Gogo reports that the US has built “more than 30 schools, 25 clinics and bridges in Djibouti.