· January, 2011

Stories about Cape Verde from January, 2011

Cape Verde: Alcoholism and the Youth

  9 January 2011

Margarida Fontes, in the blog Os Momentos [The Moments, pt], quotes an interview to the former Minister of Health, Manuel Faustino, where he states that one of the major public health problems of Cape Verde, especially among the youth, is alcoholism and that “the problem should be addressed with aggressive...

Cape Verde: Women's contentious spirit

  7 January 2011

Eurydice, from the blog Igualdade na Diferença [Equality in Difference, pt], pays a tribute to the contentious spirit of women from Cape Verde and tells the story of the Revolt of Ribeirao Manuel (Santiago island, 1910). Eurydice says that women were in the spotlight of the unrest.

Lusophone collective conscience and cyberspace

  7 January 2011

“Lusophony, identity and diversity in the network” [pt] is the title of an article written by the Portuguese researcher Lourdes Macedo (republished in the blog Buala), with reflections on the contribution that “cyberspace may offer to consolidate the collective conscience of a Lusophone community. “