· June, 2010

Stories about Cape Verde from June, 2010

Cape Verde: My life in Cachaço

  28 June 2010

Steven blogs about his life as a volunteer in Cape Verde: “Cape Verdeans bathe regularly, sometimes twice a day, and fully half of each bath is devoted to cleaning the feet. Baths are generally taken outside, while wearing underwear.”

Cape Verde: “Blog Joint” on Prostitution

  17 June 2010

In a Blog Joint Project, netcitizens from Cape Verde are reflecting about prostitution in the country: Emilio gives law background and quotes statements from public figures; Edy, who defends it should be legalized, points it as one of the main social problems in the country; Wilson agrees with him and...

Cape Verde: Netcitizens Outraged with Flights and Governance

  10 June 2010

Though flights delays are common in Cape Verde, the episode which happened on June 5th, involving Minister Inocêncio Sousa, caused big confusion at the airport, as Emilio Rodrigues thoroughly describes [pt]. Netcitizens feel outraged and discuss [pt] the development and governance of the country, claiming that apparently as it grows...