· August, 2008

Stories about Cape Verde from August, 2008

Cape Verde: Happy birthday to Cesária Évora

  27 August 2008

João Branco [pt] pays homage to Cape Verdean singer Cesária Évora who is 67 today. He quotes her: “I sing for pleasure, I don't believe in dreams or in destination, what makes me happy is to know I spent years of suffering for the life I have today. In Mindelo,...

Cape Verde: Counting the Olympic medals for Africa

  25 August 2008

Cape Verdean blogger Jorge Tolentino [pt] details the medals that the African countries brought back home from China and highlights: “In an overall total of 40 medals for the continent, 17 were won by women.”

Cape Verde: Stolen gold olympic medal

  23 August 2008

Abraão Vicente [pt] on the son of Cape Verde who won a gold medal for Portugal: “Nelson Évora won the gold medal and he is Portuguese. That is it. Did you see any little Cape Verde flag, if he took some symbol to express his Creole tribute? No? I didn't....

Cape Verde: Newspaper closing down – for holidays!

  12 August 2008

João Branco [pt] comments on a local newspaper's decision to close down for a month holidays. “In the past there were excuses such as the Electra power outages, lack of paper, etc. Now they bring it out into the open and with no reservations: everyone will rest. The readers can...

Cape Verde: To be or not to be African

  4 August 2008

Cape Verdean blogger Cesar Schofield Cardoso [pt] reflects on what to be African means. “In our case, to take the African-ness on is to take on a large, majority inheritance. This is by never forgetting that we have so much of European, American, Asian…”

Cape Verde: On foreign policy and diaspora

  2 August 2008

Miguel Cruz Sousa [pt] analyzes the Cape Verdean foreign policy and the country's relationship with its diaspora. “Unemployment, social inequality, insecurity, low wages and the risk of disruption prevail here in the country. In the diaspora, there are persecution, discrimination, employment insecurity, unemployment, xenophobia and discrimination, arbitrary arrests and indifference...