· May, 2008

Stories about Cape Verde from May, 2008

Cape Verde: Africa Day

  25 May 2008

To celebrate the Africa Day today, Baluka Brazao [pt] publishes and provides info on a picture by Robert Colescott, Marching to a Different Drummer in which according to the Cape Verdean “Colescott addresses the white perception of the black and the black perception of the white, and shows how racism...

Cape Verde: Cycling while charging your mobile phone

  24 May 2008

Sanpadjud [pt], a blogger from Cape Verde, tips about a device that provides power to mobile phones while you cycle. “This gadget comes in handy for those who, like me, need to get in shape and like to save money on the electricity bills. Not to mention how useful it...

Global Agenda for Lusophone Africa

  23 May 2008

“The past, present and future of Africa will be debated for two days in Lisbon during the II International Congress of Lusophone Africa. Organized by the University of Lusophone Humanities and Technology, the event's theme is ‘Global Agenda for Lusophone Africa’ and it will be attended by a range of...

Cape Verde: Three hours waiting to vote

  19 May 2008

Eileen Barbosa [pt] reports that the elections in Cape Verde yesterday were marked by long queues and people's good will to attend to the polls. “Personally, I found it quite inadmissible, but many people went ahead and… gave up! Who can blame them, more than three-hour wait on a Sunday…...

Cape Verde: It is elections time

  16 May 2008

Abraão Vicente [pt] has a long and reflective post about the upcoming elections in Cape Town, which he iltustrated with a Gilbert & George pic. “I'm a little bit confused, I must confess. During the election campaign everything seems to be easy. It seems that all dreams are possible to...

Cape Verde: On the possibility of adopting the Euro

  8 May 2008

Virgílio Brandão [pt] ponders on the pros and cons of the adoption of the Euro as a currency in Cape Verde. “The country must have a clear picture of its response to problems that would arise from this, and must gain more benefits than difficulties. The population will appreciate it”.

Cape Verde: Internet should be free

  5 May 2008

João Branco [pt] quotes an Universal McCanns global research into the impact of social media that advocates that Internet should be free and reflects the situation in Cape Verde: “This is why I believe that in Cape Verde we still have a long way to go to get a decent...