· December, 2007

Stories about Cape Verde from December, 2007

Lusosphere: Wishes and hopes for 2008

  31 December 2007

The new year is inevitably soon arriving and the Lusosphere is booming with posts about traditions, resolutions, wishes, and reflections. Here is a short roundup of Portuguese speaking blogs from Brazil, Cape Verde, East Timor, Mozambique and Portugal - although countries far apart, they share the language and hopes for a better future.

Cape Verde: Enough of mugging – III

  14 December 2007

Another update on the problem of muggings in Cape Verde (talked about here and here),  Pedrabika [pt] has hosted a live blog debate on the situation: “PARTICIPATION, this seem to be the key word – we can not just sit down and complain to the walls about getting a better...

Cape Verde: Enough of mugging – II

  13 December 2007

Updating us on the problem of muggings in Cape Verde,  Pedrabika [pt] compiles a list of blogs that have been discussing the issue and invites readers to tell their stories on the comments section: “Let's get all testimonies together and compose a big letter to be delivered to the authorities...

Cape Verde: Enough of mugging

  6 December 2007

Pedrabika [pt] discusses the high rate of mugging in Cape Verde and invites everyone to react, starting with attending to a rally this Friday, December 14: “We all talk but nobody does anything to get the situation changed. This appeal may be the beginning of a process of change, it...

Africa: The African Diaspora Film Festival

  1 December 2007

The African Diaspora Film Festival is taking place in New York: “The program for the 15th Annual African Diaspora Film Festival, which will take place in New York on November 23-December 9, 2007, has a special “Portugal and Africa Program,” which includes old and new films about Lusophone African topics.”