· November, 2007

Stories about Burkina Faso from November, 2007

Peace Corps bloggers from Burkina Faso

  26 November 2007

My first post for Global Voices Online discussed the expatriate bloggers living and working and writing in Burkina Faso. Today, we’ll investigate another group of expatriates living in Burkina Faso as we delve into Peace Corps bloggers.

The other side of the coin: English blogs in Burkina Faso

  16 November 2007

As Burkinabé journalist Rasmata Some pointed out last month: “In Burkina Faso, blogging is more than a pastime. It is the eyes and ears of thousands of net users.” She was writing about French-language blogs of this former French colony. For Burkinabé journalists and citizens, she says, the blogsphere is a place to freely report and discuss topics the government would rather have left unsaid. For the growing list of English-language bloggers in Burkina Faso, blogging is also more than a pastime.

Burkina Faso: No famine, but farmers still in peril

  13 November 2007

In Burkina, the government's announced there is no danger of famine, but peasants say [Fr] this season's rainfall and agricultural production have been particularly bad, and many have had a difficult time harvesting enough to feed their families these last two weeks, writes Ramata Sore.