· May, 2007

Stories about Burkina Faso from May, 2007

Burkina Faso: FA Cup Final in Ouagadougou

  30 May 2007

English football is big in Burkina Faso as Voice in the Desert reports:”African men care very deeply about their football teams, including the teams they ‘adopt’ from abroad. In Ouagadougou there are passionate Manchester United supporters and equally passionate Chelsea supporters, and today they got together for the Cup Final....

Burkina Faso: You census people are evil!

  8 May 2007

A conversation showing mistrust of census in Burkina Faso from Voices in the Desert: It was Samba who started the argument. He downed his shot-glass of tea (traditionally ‘bitter like death’) and turned to Idi. ‘Onon yimbe resonsmon mbooda,’ he declared. ‘You census people are evil.’ Idrissa looked hurt. ‘Why...