· January, 2007

Stories about Botswana from January, 2007

Botswana: Zebras4Life–Test4Life

  31 January 2007

Bots Blog.com writes about anti-Aids campaign in Botswana using soccer to attract men, Zebras4Life–Test4Life, “The Zebras4Life–Test4Life project was offically launched at a press conference at the national stadium on Monday, 22 January. The U.S. Ambassador, several footballers, the Minister of Labor and Home Affairs, Peace Corps Volunteers and other partners...

Botswana: positive impact of a village blog

  16 January 2007

A medical student from Nata village in Botswana writes about the impact of the Nata village blog on him, “Before the establishment of this website I must confess that I was a bit naive in as far as the exact impact of HIV/AIDS in Nata. I read thru the website...