· June, 2006

Stories about Botswana from June, 2006

Africa: World Cup Report Card

  30 June 2006

Says Senegalese blogger Seckasysteme (Fr): “African football is not up to par and its presence in the World Cup is mostly symbolic. Too bad that the numerous individual African talents could not orchestrate a comeback. (…) Why couldn't such talented African football players achieve the same performance in their national...

Botswana: Nata Village Blog

  30 June 2006

The Nata Village Blog writes a response to their readers on what the blog means to the people of Nata, Botswana They will be publishing personal reports from the Village over the next few weeks

Why No Mention of Slavery in African and Haitian Fiction?

  28 June 2006

Why is there so little mention of slavery in African and Haitian Fiction? That is the question that Togolese France-based blogger Kangni Alem addresses in a prolific and well-thought out blog entry. He deplores that African fiction does not count more passages on the different waves of slavery that have...

Africa: What Internet Brings

  26 June 2006

Generation Consciente, Une Autre Afrique writes: (Fr)“A book by Cameroonian Jacques Bonjawo, Internet, a Chance for Africa [L'Internet, Une Chance Pour l'Afrique in French] talks about the benefits of new information and communication technologies for Africa. However, the Internet promotes extraversion even if it is a way to make local...

Botswana: HIV Implementers meeting

  23 June 2006

Blogswana reports on the 3rd Annual HIV/AIDS Implementers Meeting….”series of studies presented at the US President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief's annual meeting (this past week) suggested that men shouldn't be written off in fighting the disease”

Botswana: Nata village launched

  23 June 2006

NataVillage blog reports that Nata Village officially launched.….”Everyone in attendance was proud that Nata is the 1st village in Botswana with it’s own website! At the conclusion of the program, Mr. Tiro provided lunch for the reporters who travelled 120 miles from Francistown to cover our event.”

Botswana: HIV campaign

  14 June 2006

The Nata Village Blog posts various pieces on the village activities from fund raising to a new publicity billboard campaign urging people to test for HIV

Botswana: Podcast

  7 June 2006

Blogswana publishes its first podcast “The Blogs Must Be Crazy” which gives a background to the project on blogging for AIDS in Botswana

A Monopoly-like Game to Carve out Africa

  5 June 2006

Mocking Africa, a French Monopoly-like game, Kangni Alem repeats the game's description [“Your goal is to explore, to conquer and to develop [the] new colonies. You will be able to betray alliances to exploit the lands of your adversaries, the goal being to own the most land at the end...

Latest in the Francophone African Blogosphere

  4 June 2006

PAN-AFRICAN For the United States of Africa Le Pangolin is fervently advocating for the dissolution of the current borders that separate African countries and that, he believes, weaken each individual African country: Je suis pour des Etats-Unis d’Afrique par zone géographique ou linguistique, car cela va permettre d’impliquer l’ensemble des...

Senegal: Blogging Mayor Proposes North-South Talks on Migrations

  2 June 2006

Reflecting on Senegal's drowned migrant crisis and migrations towards the West in general, Robert Sagna, the Mayor of Ziguinchor, Senegal blogs (Fr): “Developed countries (…) build quasi-impenetrable walls through “visas”. Visas (…) are not the right solution. (…) The youth from the South has chosen emigration. It is our responsibility...