· January, 2006

Stories about Sub-Saharan Africa from January, 2006

South Africa: Condoms in the classroom

  31 January 2006

Mzansi Afrika comments on the debate taking place in South Africa over whether condoms should be available in classrooms …”The main argument, surprise, surprise, was from the whole moralistic religious viewpoint that condoms encourage sex, and sex before marriage, especially among teens is bad. The other concerns were around sex...

South Africa: Afrikaans usage

  31 January 2006

Moral Fibre from South Africa, reports on a row over the Afrikaans language between opposition parties and a military judge who complained about the use of the language in an official context… “”… I must say it on record that to me it is disgusting that at this time and...

Nigeria: Ngugi wa Thiong'o

  31 January 2006

Molara Wood points to an interview with Kenyan writer, Ngugi wa Thiong'o, in Saturdays UK Guardian…..”I told them I wanted to be in touch with the everyday. But we returned to a nightmare”

Kenya: Myths

  31 January 2006

Diary of a mad Kenyan woman writes on the “myth of the strong black woman“

Ethiopia: internet reporter held

31 January 2006

Meskel Square reports from Ethiopia on the three headline news items…Ethiopia indefinitely bans exports of four kinds of food crops ; Internet reporter held without charge in Ethiopia; Court orders death sentence for police officer in killing of students

Ivory Coasts: French interests

  31 January 2006

Watch France writes that France is only concerned with advancing French interests….”Anything that advances French interests is acceptable. Murder, corruption, the buying off of African leaders, disinformation and the list is endless. A look at what is happening on the Continent bears me out.”

Burkina Faso: Gold mining

  31 January 2006

Keith of under the acacias writes on gold mining in Burkina Faso and asks if they are a blessing and for who?…..Mining has been a controversial subject in Burkina Faso and elsewhere in Africa. Events in Ghana, South Africa, Namibia, Sierra Leone, and other places have highlighted common problems in...

African Music Roundup

  31 January 2006

What is African hip hop? From Nairobi to Dakar hip hop has caught the imagination of the youth producing so many rap crews, breakers and all round b-boys. Some argue it's roots go back to the days of the African Griot, others argue its a unique African American experience. Whatever...

Mozambique: floods

  31 January 2006

African Water Journal blog reports on the floods in Mozambique which is presently affecting some 12,000 people….”Water levels in the Zambezi River Basin were still precariously high”

Republic of Congo: Sassou-Nguesso

  30 January 2006

Congo Watch reports that the newly elected Chairman of the AU, Denis Sassou-Nguesso, began his role as “African peace mediator on Sunday, meeting with the prime minister of civil war-divided Ivory Coast.’

Ethiopia: War against disinformation

  30 January 2006

One Ethiopia writes on a complaint he made to The Manitoban about an article they published which he said had numerous errors on “its description of the protagonists and its reportage on the demographic characterstics of the country substantially in error.” they have yet to respond and he now publishes...

Nigeria: feminism in Africa

  30 January 2006

Jangbalajugbu-Homeland Stories reports on a discussion at his university (University of Obafemi Awolow – Ife) on “Feminism & its role in contemporary Africa”….”the audience argued about Religion and Culture and both’s contribution to the subjection of the women folk. Jerome particularly stated that the Bible and the Quoran has been...

Sudan: genocide

  30 January 2006

SudanReeves reports that Sudan's displaced populations in Darfur are still at risk of being annihilated….”The ghastly final stage in the ongoing violent destruction of non-Arab or African tribal populations in Darfur has begun. An increasing number of reports highlight attacks on camps for displaced persons by Khartoum’s murderous Arab militia...

South Africa: Stereotypes

  30 January 2006

South African blog, The Hope Flower points to a piece written by” Caine Prize winner Binyavanga Wainaina on stereotypes about Africa. “

Nigeria: Davos

  30 January 2006

Grandiose Parlour reports on the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos and asks…”What does it mean to Auntie Ngozi in her dusty, remote, erosion-ravaged village in the hills of Ubakala, or Jelili in Makoko, one of Lagos slums? What does it mean to my brothers and sisters in Dafuar- Sudan,...

Nigeria: Fela and the State

  30 January 2006

Chippla's Weblog writes on Fela and the State…..”While the state appeared to have no problem with Fela's marriages, it simply refused to accept a republic within the Nigerian republic where people could do as they pleased. Kalakuta was raided at least twice by the Nigerian government. In 1977, it was...

Kenya: living abroad

  30 January 2006

MentalAcrobatics responds to the many discussions in the Kenyan blogosphere around Kenyans living abroad....”I won’t deal with the ridiculous idea that all Kenyans abroad live the good life. If you still believe that Fresh Prince of Bel Air represents life abroad I am surprised you can even log onto a...

Kenya: solar concentrator

  30 January 2006

Afromusings points to a report on a $450 “solar concentrator” “Specifically for Africa:First of all, the concentrator can be bought as part of a co-op project. Combine it with a water pump, and you have a way of pumping water from either a borehole or a small dam. Add drip...

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