· July, 2005

Stories about Sub-Saharan Africa from July, 2005

Zimbabwe:Protesting Chinese aid for Mugabe

  29 July 2005

Sokwanele wrote a post about a coming demonstration outside Chinese Embassy in London, organized by Zimbabwe Vigil. President Mugabe will be in Beijing this weekend, seeking US$1 billion loan from Chinese government in order to support his dictatorship and prop up the ailing Zimbabwean economy.

Kenya: AIDS conference

  28 July 2005

Bankelele attended a conference on HIV/AIDS last week and reports back with some facts and figures.

Angola: Same old song and dance

  27 July 2005

Black Star Journal: “Seems like I write an essay every week on some African leader or another trying to make himself president-for-life.”

Balancing Act on African Blogs

  27 July 2005

The current issue of Balancing Act – the leading online newsletter reporting on African telecommunications – leads off with an article on African blogs and features several bloggers who are involved with Global Voices, including Andy Carvin, Kenyan Pundit Ory Okolloh (good luck with the bar exam, Ory!), Sokari Ekine...

Kenya: It was inevitable

  26 July 2005

After a fan was killed during a previous World Cup qualifying match, Kenya has been ordered to play its next match in an empty stadium, notes Bankelele.

Ghana: Discussing Podcasts and Video Blogs on Radio Ghana

  26 July 2005

A few days ago at the video blogging/podcasting workshop I conducted near the University of Ghana, I was interviewed by a journalist from Radio Ghana. I checked out various news casts several times, but never heard it, so I figured I must have missed it or that it never aired. Well, last night I was driving back to my guesthouse in northeast Accra. We got lost while trying to take a short cut, so it took longer than usual. Just before we arrived at the guesthouse, though, I heard the evening news announcer reading the daily headlines, and he began talking about an American "Internet expert" helping Ghanaians create podcasts and video blogs. As I searched frantically for my digital audio recorder, I asked the driver to stop, saying they were about to air an interview me. Though skeptical, he shook his head and pulled over. Then, we heard my voice on the radio. The cabbie started laughing and gave me a congratulatory handshake. Eventually, I managed to find my audio recorder. Here's what I was able to capture. -andy

How to Make a Three-Hour Drive a Seven-Hour Nightmare

  25 July 2005

Yesterday afternoon, a group of us began the drive back to Accra from Patriensa. As you'll see in a future blog entry, our car broke down and we spent hours hobbling back to Accra, towed by a feed truck whose tow rope kept breaking from the front of the car. In the meantime, you can hear two podcasts I posted from my mobile phone while we were stranded - yes, I managed to have mobile phone access in rural southern Ghana. First podcast: around 7:15pm, somewhere north of Accra
Second podcast: about two hours later, a bit closer to Accra, but far from anywhere near our final destination

Zimbabwe: The West Must Fix It

  25 July 2005

This is Zimbabwe reports that The Mugabe government is floating the idea that Western governments should help clean up the fallout from “Operation Clean-Up”.

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