· August, 2011

Stories about Sri Lanka from August, 2011

Sri Lanka: The Second TweetUpSl Held

  27 August 2011

Indi.ca reports that TweetUpSl2 (the second Twitter meetup in Sri Lanka) was held the Sri Lankan capital Colombo on the 27th of August 2011 where about 100 tweeps gathered.

Sri Lanka: Grease Devils Targetting Women In The North And The East

  23 August 2011

D.B.S Jeyaraj shares a report of the The Womens Action Network (WAN) on the attacks on women by assailants posing as the mythical character “Grease Devil”. The attacks have occurred mostly in the Northern and Eastern provinces of Sri Lanka and the victims are generally Tamil speaking Tamil and Muslim...

Sri Lanka: The Return Of The Grease Devils

  19 August 2011

In many rural areas of Sri Lanka the mythical figure of the Grease Yaka (Grease Devil) is being blamed for nighttime assaults on women and thefts/robberies. A number of suspects have been arrested and a few of them even mob-lynched by villagers. Rezwan investigates.

Sri Lanka: Invasion Of The Grease Devils

  12 August 2011

In some Sri Lankan rural areas panic spread that Grease Yaka, a mythical character is on the loose and two youths were mob lynched on suspicion. These grease devils are mythical robbers that grease themselves up and break into homes to either steal or rape/kill women. Indi.ca opines that “it’s...

Sri Lanka: Should Poor Countries Play Games?

  5 August 2011

In reaction to Sri Lanka's bid for the next Commonwealth Games, which may cost billions of dollars and pose risk of corruption and controversy, Indi.ca asks should poor countries have the luxury of playing such costly games?