· March, 2011

Stories about Sri Lanka from March, 2011

Sri Lanka: The Future Of Books In Cupboards

  31 March 2011

“In this day and age, with houses getting smaller and space becoming an issue, with E-books being the rage in the West, and Kindles and i-pads common enough in Colombo”, Ameena Hussein wonders about the future of books.

Nepal: No To Sri Lankan Political Refugees

  18 March 2011

Seven activists from Sri Lankan opposition parties applied for political refuge in Nepal but the Nepali government declined their requests. Bhumika Ghimire wonders whether Nepal should have acted differently.

Sri Lanka: The Lives In The North

  17 March 2011

Valkyrie at Groundviews has a detailed update on the state of affairs of the people living in the North of Sri Lanka, especially Jaffna and Vanni. A foreigner's entry is still restricted with required permission, militarization is taking place in complex ways, at multiple levels – these are a few...

South Asia: Comparing Indian States with India's Neighbors

  5 March 2011

“India clearly has a coherent identity as the world’s largest democracy, but aggregating economic and social data on the national level, and using it to compare India to its neighbors, is possibly very misleading,” comments Razib Khan at Sepia Mutiny.