· January, 2011

Stories about Sri Lanka from January, 2011

Video: Shoemakers of the World

  21 January 2011

Today's videos focus on the artisans around the world still making shoes by hand. From Mexico to Japan: we'll take a look at how different shoes, slippers and sandals are made.

Sri Lanka: Better Connected

  20 January 2011

Rohan Samarajiva, ex Director General of Sri Lanka Telecom reflects on the progress of connectivity in Sri Lanka in the past decade.

Floods In Sri Lanka

  10 January 2011

Groundviews provides updates on the recent severe flooding, landslides and an overwhelming humanitarian crisis in the Central and Eastern provinces of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka: Homegrown Reconciliation Process

  3 January 2011

Kanishka Ratnapriya at Groundviews wonders whether Sri Lankans can create more opportunities for themselves “to establish a sustainable peace with the end of war in Sri Lanka by creating a culture of inclusiveness, equality and respect for all communities.”