· September, 2010

Stories about Sri Lanka from September, 2010

Sri Lanka: Being An Woman

  29 September 2010

Dee at Ranting In Colombo is frustrated with the fact that some “Sri Lankan males have no idea about what it is like to be a Sri Lankan female”.

Sri Lanka: Social Good Day In Colombo

  21 September 2010

Amitha Amarasinghe informs that Social Good Day Colombo will take place on the 23rd of September at Refresh Colombo, which is the monthly meet-up of Colombo’s web and technology enthusiasts’ community.

South Asia: Bloggers on ‘Burn a Qur'an Day’

  11 September 2010

In the past week pastor Terry Jones caused much controversy in the US and across the world with his planned burn a Koran day event to mark the anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks. We will look at some reactions from the South Asian bloggers.

Sri Lanka: A Day To Remember

  8 September 2010

Vositha comments that today (September 8, 2010) is a day to remember for the Sri Lankans as it is “the end of Sri Lanka as we know it and a new beginning”. Learn why.