· March, 2010

Stories about Sri Lanka from March, 2010

Sri Lanka: Unbounded Crowd-sourcing Of Human Rights Violations

  30 March 2010

Sanjana Hattotuwa at ICT For Peacebuilding (ICT4Peace) discusses about the unbounded nature of a new crowd-sourcing initiative in Sri Lanka called Citizens Net. This mapping project records human rights violence on issues regarding “gender-based violence, the rights of children, the elderly and the disabled”.

Sri Lanka: The Akon Controversy

  25 March 2010

A recent video of R&B singer-songwriter Akon featuring a group of scantly clad women dancing at a pool party in front of a Buddha statue caused much uproar in Sri Lanka. This became a hot topic in the Sri Lankan blogosphere.

Sri Lanka: Fonseka And UNP

  19 March 2010

Indrajit Samarajiva at Indi.ca reacts to the recent news that the Sri Lankan opposition alliance is abandoning their candidate Mr. Sarath Fonseka, because he is in jail now.

Sri Lanka: Finding A Middle Path

  15 March 2010

Dayan Jayatilleka at Groundviews proposes a home grown solution to find some common grounds among the two opposite camps in Sri Lanka on the issue of war crimes and human rights.

Sri Lanka: The Crisis In Secondary Education

  12 March 2010

“The school teachers expect students to attend their own tuition classes to complete the syllabuses that the school for some reason does not cover,” informs Serendipity while discussing about the crisis in secondary education in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka: Salutations To Mrs. Sonia Gandhi

  11 March 2010

Lankawomen.net, a blog dedicated to improve the representation of women in Sri Lankan politics, honors Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, Chairperson of the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) and President of Indian National Congress, for her role in the recently enacted Women's Reservation bill.

Sri Lanka: Missing In Action

  9 March 2010

Dr. P. Saravanamuttu at Groundviews remembers the recent disappearance of the Lanka E-News journalist Prageeth Ekneligoda. He notes: “Ekneligoda’s disappearance is yet another statistic of shame in the long list of disappearances, abductions and extra-judicial killings that have targeted the media in particular over the last four years”.

Sri Lanka: Exploitation Of Paddy Farmers

  5 March 2010

Ratmale at Serendipity discusses about the exploitation of paddy farmers “because two of the Agricultural Ministers in Sri Lanka are directly or indirectly owners of the largest rice mills”. The market price of rice is 86% higher than what the farmers are getting for their paddy.

Sri Lanka: Shunning Public Transport

  5 March 2010

Sujeewa de Silva at Random Reflections of a Kind blog discusses about the “terrible state” of the Sri Lankan public transport system and why people shun away from them.