· January, 2010

Stories about Sri Lanka from January, 2010

Sri Lanka: ‘Lanka E news’ Banned

  30 January 2010

Journalists For Democracy In Sri Lanka blog informs that “the office of the ‘Lanka e news’, a prominent news website operating from Sri Lanka, has been sealed off by the authorities. [..] Two days before the elections, another regular contributor to the website, Prageeth Eknalogoda, went missing.”

Sri Lanka: Latest Updates On Twitter

  28 January 2010

“The short window for freedom of expression is now closed. It is unclear when and to what extent it will open again. #srilanka #lka” reads one Tweet by the Sri Lankan citizen media site Groundviews. Follow the Twitter account of Groundviews for more latest info.

Sri Lanka: Presidential Election Results Online

  26 January 2010

Lanka Libertarian will start to update the district-wise results of today's Sri Lankan presidential election as soon as they are gradually published. The Sri Lankan election department website will update the official results.

Sri Lanka: Election Irregularities

  26 January 2010

Indrajit Samarajiva at Indi.ca comments that with the presence of election monitors and somewhat independent election commission, rigging elections in Sri Lanka is tough. However: “the main method of influencing elections is intimidation, and that’s what’s going on.” Read his reports on explosions in Jaffna and irregularities in Batticaloa.

Sri Lanka: Tamils And Democracy

  22 January 2010

Lankanyyz at Musings from Toronto explains the reason for the claim that the Tamils in Sri Lanka don't have a voice: “the Tamil population don't have a strong political presence to represent them democratically.”

Sri Lanka: Meditate For A Peaceful Election

  21 January 2010

Sarvodaya, the largest NGO in Sri Lanka, has launched a 12 day long campaign comprising of a series of island-wide mass public events and daily meditations to ensure a peaceful presidential election.

Sri Lanka: The Tamil Votebank

  20 January 2010

Indrajit Samarajiva at Indi.ca discusses how Sri Lankan Tamils will vote and whether they will vote or stay out of the impending presidential election of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka: Pre-Election Surveys

  20 January 2010

C A Saliya at Groundviews discusses various pre-election surveys for the upcoming presidential election in Sri Lanka. The surveys are showing conflicting outcomes.

Sri Lanka: Impressions Of Jaffna

  18 January 2010

Indrajit Samarajiva visited war ravaged Jaffna recently and writes about his impressions of the capital city of the Northern Province in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankan Presidential Elections: The Heat Is On

  14 January 2010

As the date of presidential election approaches in Sri Lanka, the campaigns have grown intense and the heat can also be felt in the Sri Lankan blogosphere. Many bloggers are rallying behind their candidates and are engaging in strong debates with detailed analysis.

Sri Lanka: Election Violence

  12 January 2010

Centre for Monitoring Election Violence posts a video interview which discusses the news that supporters of Presidential candidate General Sarath Fonseka were attacked resulting death of one person and many were injured.

Sri Lanka: Rumor Mill At Work

  8 January 2010

“All I can wish for from now on till election-day is to permit all our eligible voters the chance to cast their secret ballot as they wish, and not be coaxed by monetary or illegal acts to go against their true wishes,” comments Serendipity on the upcoming presidential election in...

Sri Lanka: Paying Global Media For Local Elections

  5 January 2010

Sri Lanka's incumbent president Mahinda Rajapakshe's aggressive re-election campaign includes purchasing banner ads on leading global media sites. Groundviews questions what is the point of paying global media for local elections.

Sri Lanka: Corruption in Campaign

  4 January 2010

“Without an independent and reliable Elections Commission there will be abuse,” comments Indi.ca while discussing the corruption in campaign of the upcoming presidential elections in Sri Lanka.