· November, 2009

Stories about Sri Lanka from November, 2009

Sri Lanka: Potentials Of Fishing Industry

  24 November 2009

Serendipity comments that after the devastation of the 2004 Tsunami and the restrictions during the war against the LTTE, the Sri Lankan fishing industry is poised to take off provided there is necessary support from the government.

Sri Lanka: The ‘Dear 16 Year Old’ Meme

  23 November 2009

London, Lanka & Drums started a blog meme which went like this: “write a post, a letter to your sixteen year old self and tag two people”. The blog has done an audit trail to see how this meme has taken over the Sri Lankan blogopshere.

Australia: Asylum Seekers test tough but humane approach

  19 November 2009

There has been a spike in asylum seekers coming to Australia by boat following the increasing violence in Afghanistan and the defeat of the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka. The Australian government has been heavily criticised for both its handling of the Oceanic Viking incident and refugee policy in general.

Sri Lanka: The Mighty Multinationals

  17 November 2009

Serendipity from Minneriya, Sri Lanka believes that a level playing field is essential to protect the local industry from the mighty multinationals who have competitive advantage and “it is the duty of the Government to level it”.

Sri Lanka: Militarization And Politicization

  16 November 2009

In Sri Lanka, the former army chief is poised to wage an electoral battle against his former commander in chief, the incumbent president. D.B.S. Jeyaraj comments that: “the current situation is (also) the culmination of a long process of militarization of Sri Lankan society and a gradual politicization of the...

Sri Lanka: The General Resigns

  12 November 2009

The Chief of Defence Staff of Sri Lanka General Sarath Fonseka has resigned today and speculations are high that he will run for presidency in the next election as a candidate of a newly formed opposition alliance. Sri Lankan Bloggers weigh in on the situation.

Sri Lanka: E-Swabhimani Awards

  11 November 2009

Chulie de Silva writes about the E-Swabhimani awards organized by the Information Communication Agency (ICTA), which honors Sri Lanka’s digital content developers/producers. The blogger also highlights some of the nominated projects.

Sri Lanka: Support The IDPs

  10 November 2009

V.V. at Sepia Mutiny writes about an initiative of a Sri Lankan diaspora group in the USA who are organizing a fund raising event. The fund will support two charities which are working in the Sri Lankan IDP camps, where approximately 200,000 people are detained.

Sri Lanka: Tariff Protection

  10 November 2009

Going Global criticizes Sri Lankan government's protective tariff on some agricultural items which are increasing the prices and the cost of living.

Sri Lanka: Going Green

  6 November 2009

Beyond Borders writes about the launch of Project Act, an environmental initiative in Sri Lanka “to promote a sustainable, environmentally-friendly ‘green’ living community”. The program consisted of a clean-up of Wellawatte beach, and a demonstration “showing Sri Lanka’s support towards effective policy changes on climate change in Copenhagen, December 2009″.

Sri Lanka: Blogger Arrested?

  4 November 2009

Indi.ca wonders about the authenticity of a news report that a netizen named Gayan Rajapakse was arrested in Sri Lanka for ‘web comments’.