· September, 2009

Stories about Sri Lanka from September, 2009

Sri Lanka: Testimonies Of Detained IDPs

  30 September 2009

GroundViews posts two short testimonies on the plight of IDPs released from Menik Camp. The testimonies highlight “significant challenges facing reconciliation and resettlement in post-war Sri Lanka and the urgent need for psycho-social counseling”.

Sri Lanka: Suppression Of Media Freedom

  26 September 2009

Concerned Citizen comments on the media freedom in Sri Lanka at Groundviews: “despite vehement denials, it is obvious that the government is guilty of suppression of media freedom and dissent through intimidation, threats, violence and extrajudicial acts which have seriously affected their credibility both nationally and internationally.”

Sri Lanka: What's Wrong With Our Democracy?

  23 September 2009

Going Global points out that a knowledgeable voter base, a strong political opposition and structural reforms in judiciary are some of the aspects which are lacking for democracy to function properly in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka: Endangered Amphibians

  21 September 2009

“Did you know that Sri Lanka holds the world record for the highest number of global amphibian extinctions?” informs Sri Lankan animal watcher blog Gallicissa.

Sri Lanka: Justice

  18 September 2009

“The week after Tissa was given 20 years for writing, two actual card carrying LTTE spokesmen were released on bail. Hence, being LTTE is pardonable, but being charged with meeting them or writing against the government (from a Tamil perspective) is not,” comments Indrajit Samarajiva at Indi.ca on the verdict...

Sri Lanka: 1000 XO Laptops Deployed In 9 Schools

  14 September 2009

OLPC Lanka Foundation is working with the Ministry of Education of Sri Lanka and the World Bank to deploy 1000 XO laptops in 9 schools of nine provinces of Sri Lanka. Danishka posts some photos of the OLPC installation in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka: The State Of Freedom Of Expression

  11 September 2009

Going Global comments on the state of freedom of expression in Sri Lanka: “Freedom of expression is largely seen as an unaffordable luxury by most of the intellectual crowd in Sri Lanka right now. Journalists are pretty much a oppressed group of people and now bloggers are slowly beginning to...

Sri Lanka: Kumbi Kathawa

  3 September 2009

Electra posts a review of the Kumbi Kathawa, a dance production depicting a story of a family, which was recently staged by the Chitrasena-Vajira Dance Foundation at the Bishop’s College Auditorium in Colombo.

Sri Lanka: A Journalist Sentenced For 20 Years

  2 September 2009

Sepia Mutiny reports that Sri Lankan journalist J.S. Tissainayagam, who has written articles critical of the Sri Lankan government for a magazine, has been sentenced for 20 years hard labor. Groundviews calls the sentencing of Tissainayagam a travesty of justice.