· July, 2009

Stories about Sri Lanka from July, 2009

Sri Lanka: The Detained Refugees

  30 July 2009

Indi.ca comments: “Sri Lankan IDPs are not displaced as much as detained. They’re being held until LTTE cadres are ‘weeded out’ or screened or whatever, which has a logic, but there’s no particular legal basis for it. That’s why I’m interested in the Fundamental Rights case filed by the family...

Sri Lanka: New LTTE Blog

  27 July 2009

ICT for Peacebuilding (ICT4Peace) takes a look at the blog site of S. Pathmanathan of the department of International Relations of LTTE.

Sri Lanka: Deaths In IDP Camps

  20 July 2009

Indrajit Samarajiva at Indi.ca criticizes the mention of a large number of deaths in Sri Lankan IDP camps by some International media and comments: “making up very serious numbers doesn’t help anyone. It riles up some hard line diaspora elements, but it’s fundamentally a political missive, not a journalistic one.”

Communicating via missed calls

  11 July 2009

Uber Desi on the recent ICT research conducted by Lirneasia.net across 6 Asian countries. The findings indicate that communicating via ‘missed call’ signals is a common way for people to save on calling costs.

Sri Lanka: Facebook Banned In A Girl's School

  10 July 2009

Anandawardhana at Web Alochana informs that Sirimavo Bandaranaike Vidyalaya, one of the leading girl's schools in Colombo, has asked its students to “deactivate their accounts” and warned that “those who still maintain accounts on Facebook will be expelled from school.”

IDPs Are Also Sri Lankan And Have Their Rights

  9 July 2009

Indi.ca contradicts the idea that the internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Sri Lanka need to be kept in camps for their own good. The blogger opines that: “they are Sri Lankan and they have rights, including the right to movement.”

Sri Lanka: Co-existence

  9 July 2009

Elmo Jayawardena pleads to the Sri Lankans: “as individuals, be it a Sinhalese or a Tamil, let us not raise the draw bridge to isolate ourselves and callously wallow in racism. The war is over, we are one people, we have all suffered and it is time to find ways...

Sri Lanka: Eye-witness Account From An IDP Camp

  2 July 2009

Groundviews publishes an eye-witness account from an IDP camp in Sri Lanka describing the conditions of the refugees in a post-war situation. Separation of family members, no freedom of movement, corruption, bad hygiene conditions, diseases and epidemic are some of the problems cited in that report.

Sri Lanka: Will The Arrest Of An Astrologer Change The Future?

  1 July 2009

Über Desi reports on the arrest of Chandrasiri Bandara, a famous astrologer, by the Sri Lankan government because he predicted that the president will be ejected from office. The blogger questions: “if Bandara could not predict his own arrest, why is the Sri Lankan government so afraid of his predictions?”