· February, 2009

Stories about Sri Lanka from February, 2009

Sri Lanka: Failure Of LTTE

  24 February 2009

Indi.ca comments on the failure of LTTE tactics: “they are a successful crime syndicate but not successful representative for the Tamil people. And I’m obviously not telling Tamil people who to choose as representatives, but we all live on this island together. Guys that buzz our city at will blowing...

Sri Lanka: Blog Posts In A Book

  17 February 2009

Cerno announces an idea of publishing Sri Lanka’s top 100 blog posts in a book. In a followup post the blogger explains how people can contribute to the project.

Sri Lanka: Tamil Politics

  13 February 2009

Dayan Jayatilleka at Groundviews discusses the future of Tamil politics: “Tamil political discourse has to rediscover the heritage of Tamil progressivism.”

Sri Lanka: Flesh Forks

  12 February 2009

Indi.ca from Sri Lanka explains the alchemy, the reasons behind using flesh forks, the five fingers of a hand to eat a meal in the Indian subcontinent.

Sri Lanka: Tri Shaws Are The Best

  10 February 2009

London, Lanka and Drums praises Tri Shaws, or Tuk Tuks as the best form of transport ever invented: “they're pretty damn perfect for day to day things in a country like Sri Lanka.”

Sri Lanka: The LTTE Menace

  9 February 2009

“The LTTE is simply a nihilistic organization like Al Qaeda. It’s not designed to actually win anything, it’s just a sore loser. They slaughter to make a point, but never to win one,” comments Indi.ca hearing the news that a female LTTE rebel has blown herself up, killing 28 people...

Sri Lanka: Not Proud

  4 February 2009

Sri Lanka celebrates 61 years of Independence today but A Janusis is not flying the Sri Lankan flag. Read the reasons why.

Sri Lanka: Shelling at A Sri Lanka Hospital

  3 February 2009

Three separate artillery attacks struck a hospital in Northern Sri Lanka killing nine people and injuring many more. Ramblings of A Mind condemns the attacks on the hospital. Chitrangi discusses who could be behind this.