· January, 2009

Stories about Sri Lanka from January, 2009

Sri Lanka: A Ceasefire, But For How Long?

  30 January 2009

Kettikili at pass the roti on the left hand side writes on the latest state of the war in Northern Sri Lanka: “The announcement of a ceasefire, however brief, is welcome news. But how long will it last?”

Sri Lanka: After The War

  28 January 2009

Darini Rajasingham Senanayake at Groundviews opines that the long ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka cannot be solved by military means alone. “It would require a political solution that ensures power-sharing with the minorities in the north and east. Otherwise the LTTE would very likely regroup and return to fight another...

Sri Lanka: Where Are The Top Leaders Of LTTE?

  21 January 2009

The Sri Lankan troops have captured airfields and landing strips used by the LTTE but failed to find their aircraft or air force. The Acorn suggests that either the planes have been dismantled and stowed away or they have been used for the LTTE top leadership's escape.

Sri Lanka: Lack of Tamil Political Voices

  20 January 2009

Valkyrie writes at Groundviews: “The fundamental crisis of Tamil politics (in Sri Lanka) today is that there is no Tamil political group (except Tamil politico-armed groups) that advocates for the rights of the Tamil people.”

Sri Lanka: A Ceasefire?

  19 January 2009

Chandi Sinnathurai at Countercurrents.org writes about a possible ceasefire to be declared by Sri Lankan Government mediated by British Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

Sri Lanka: Questions Surrounding Slain Journalist's Death Persist

  13 January 2009

Lasantha Wickrematunge, investigative journalist and editor of the Sunday Leader, was buried in a Colombo cemetery on Monday afternoon after being shot in broad daylight on his way to work last week. Wickrematunge and his paper were outspoken critics of the government's war against the LTTE and ran stories about...

Sri Lanka: YouTube for activism

  12 January 2009

ICT for Peacebuilding (ICT4Peace) reports that Vikalpa’s YouTube Channel has become popular after publishing two short videos capturing reactions to the assassination of the Sri Lankan journalist Lasantha Wickremetunge.

Sri Lanka: Endangered Media

  10 January 2009

Indi.ca asserts that the Sri Lankan Media needs security and “at some point journalists may have to just learn how to defend themselves“.

Sri Lanka: Suppression of Dissent

  9 January 2009

Lanka Dissent, a Sri Lankan Internet news site in Sinhala , Tamil and English languages has decided to close down. An excerpt from its farewell message: “In this compassionate, democratic Buddhist land enfolded with love, in wisdom and fullest freedom, media is forbidden to raise a dissenting voice. Media is...

Sri Lanka: Assassination Of A Journalist

  8 January 2009

Sri Lanka remains as one of the world’s most dangerous countries for independent journalists. Indi.ca reports that Lasantha Wickremetunge, one of Sri Lanka’s best known journalists was shot in the head this morning by unknown gunmen. He later succumbed to his injuries. Ground Views has details.

Sri Lanka: Attack on Sirasa TV

  6 January 2009

Dare To Be Different terms the attack on the Sirasa TV premises at Pannipitiya, Sri Lanka as “the nastiest ever attack on the media freedom in Sri Lanka”. The blog says: “The motives were apparent. Somebody badly wants to silence Sirasa TV.” Lakbima blog, like some other Sri Lankan blogs,...

Sri Lanka: Mission Accomplished?

  2 January 2009

The president of Sri Lanka Mahinda Rajapakshe officially announced that the government troops have captured LTTE rebel's de facto headquarters Kilinochchi after suffering heavy loss in the battle. The government has so far been able to be on top the situation but heavy battles are likely still to lie ahead...

Sri Lanka: Citizen Journalism in 2008

  1 January 2009

ICT for Peacebuilding (ICT4Peace) highlights the feats of Groundviews, the award winning citizen journalism platform in Sri Lanka. The blog also posts a review of the best contents published in Groundviews site in 2008.