· November, 2008

Stories about Sri Lanka from November, 2008

India: Advice from a Sri Lankan

  29 November 2008

The Under Dog at the Sri Lankan citizen journalism initiative Groundviews has this to say to the Indians on the Mumbai terror attacks: “Here’s a word of advice from a Sri Lankan to our big neighbor. Don’t go down the path we have taken. Don’t be tempted to sacrifice the...

Sri Lanka: Censoring the web and Internet

  20 November 2008

ICT for Peacebuilding (ICT4Peace) discusses about a proposed law in Sri Lanka restricting private TV broadcasting: “disturbingly, the proposed regulations are a significant challenge to all bloggers in Sri Lanka, since they seek to hold accountable all ISPs for the qualitative nature of the content transmitted, accessed and produced using...

Sri Lanka: Radio Manager Detained

  19 November 2008

Free Media Sri Lanka reports that one of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) affiliates A.R. Vanna Loshan, General Manager of Vettri FM Radio was arrested under Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) in Colombo. IFJ and the leading media organizations in Sri Lanka condemned the detention of the Tamil journalist...

Sri Lanka: Shooting in the air

  18 November 2008

Indi.ca slams Sri Lanka's air defense to protect citizens from air raids by LTTE planes: “All we can do is black out Colombo, fire guns in the air and get bombed anyway. There surely is a better way.”

Sri Lanka: Hope for America

  5 November 2008

Sri Lankan Blog Portrait celebrates the victory of the US presidential candidate Barack Obama and opines: “Around America, the world has moved on in soul and spirit. America can now step into the young, modern world, and come out of that old-fashioned, backward shell that they were wallowing in.”

Sri Lanka: Anti Aircraft System

  4 November 2008

Cerno writes about a recent speculation in Sri Lanka that the country is procuring Anti Aircraft System from Czech Republic to destroy the small aircrafts of the Tamil Tiger air wing.

Sri Lanka: An open letter to the president

  3 November 2008

Vinod Joseph at Desicritics writes an open Letter to Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa on his government's fight against the Tamil rebels. An interesting debate followed in the comments section of the post.