· October, 2008

Stories about Sri Lanka from October, 2008

Sri Lanka: Debate on Peace and Conflict

  24 October 2008

“The events that surround the history of the Sri Lankan conflict, their impact and interaction with other events are still highly contentious.” The Peace and Conflict Timeline (PACT) project helps to gain a deeper understanding of the conflict's roots and promote discussions and debates on the issue, according to their...

Sri Lanka: Upholding the law

  22 October 2008

The Under Dog writes in the Sri Lankan citizen journalism initiative Groundviews: It was the failure to uphold the law (in Sri Lanka) back in the late eighties that caused that period of terror, and has also caused the ethnic conflict that rages today.”

Sri Lanka: A Sinhala speaks

  20 October 2008

An alien’s thoughts about our planet posts some videos of the Sri Lankan expatriate human rights activist Dr. Brian Seneviratne's speech discussing the Sri Lankan government's war against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

Sri Lanka: An idyllic paradise at war

  16 October 2008

LaneEnder shares his travel experience in Sri Lanka and comments: “Jaffna, is quite beautiful and has everything an idyllic paradise should have. It is hot.., smiling friendly people, palms and coconut trees, beautiful lagoons – and a war with Army checkpoints at every junction and a 9pm curfew.”

Sri Lanka: Collateral damage

  15 October 2008

Portrait reports on the devastation of miles and miles of forest in Sri Lanka which were chopped, burned, bulldozed and cleared on either side of the road for hundreds of meters in as a security measure taken by the armed forces to prevent the Tamil tigers from hiding in the...

Sri Lanka: Plights of the displaced people

  10 October 2008

The recent military operations in the Kilinochchi district in Sri Lanka have led to mass displacements of the civilian population. An eyewitness writes in Groundviews about his personal experience of the plights of the displaced people.