· August, 2008

Stories about Sri Lanka from August, 2008

Bangladesh: Is SAARC a paper tiger?

  19 August 2008

Ahmede Hussain of Black and Gray writes on the recently concluded South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation (SAARC) summit in Colombo and comments, “SAARC leadership must show brinkmanship to make the region an economic powerhouse.”

Sri Lanka: A Georgia case?

  18 August 2008

Lanka Page opines that the recent incident in Georgia can be a lesson for Sri Lanka: “like in 1987, there is every likelihood that India will intervene if we too try a “Georgia.”

Sri Lanka: Displaced

  11 August 2008

The ethnic conflict has left many people in Sri Lanka stranded in their own country. groundviews on the condition of some people in camps.

Sri Lanka: Monitoring Mobiles

  6 August 2008

A mobile telephony provider in Sri Lanka wants all users to include photographs in their registration documents. LirneASIA doesn't see the point of such a move.