· January, 2008

Stories about Sri Lanka from January, 2008

Sri Lanka: Draconian censorship!

  29 January 2008

Free Media Sri Lanka on how the Defense Secretary openly states that he is in favour of draconian censorship and criminal defamation.

Sri Lanka: Indian Labour

  24 January 2008

Transcurrents.com reacts to a historian's claim that the Indian labour, shipped to Sri Lanka to work on the estates are now a burden in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka: Blogging at the GLF

  24 January 2008

Ephemeral Ruminations rounds up reactions from the Sri Lankan blogosphere to the Galle Literary Festival – a lot of reactions considering a panel at the festival discussed how seriously bloggers could be taken.

Sri Lanka: Terrorism and Fish

  18 January 2008

Lanka Rising on a rather unexpected positive outcome – “Due to terrorist threat to the Colombo harbor, the government declared the sea near the harbor as a banned zone for intruders including the fishermen”

South Asia: SAARC Youth Camp

  14 January 2008

Voice of South on the second youth camp South Asian Association of Regional Cooperation (SAARC) that has brought over 60 delegates from across South Asia to Chennai for a five-day summit.

Sri Lanka: A 1000 days of Kottu

  4 January 2008

One of the most popular Sri Lankan blog aggregator – Kottu.org turns roughly 1000 days old. Some interesting perspectives on blogging and communities at Cerno.

Sri Lanka: Peace in Sri Lanka

  4 January 2008

Found In Ceylon“ on the latest news on peace in Sri Lanka – “Sri Lanka’s government–specifically, its prime minister and cabinet–voted to withdraw from its 2002 cease-fire agreement with the LTTE. ”

Sri Lanka: Army and the LTTE

  4 January 2008

DefenceNet on the army overrunning an LTTE bunker line amidst heavy resistance. There is a discussion in the comments space on how credible this information may be.