· August, 2007

Stories about Sri Lanka from August, 2007

Sri Lanka: No return to my village

  28 August 2007

A poignant testimonial at groundviews of a family who were bombed out of their village, and lost a family member to a mine, and whose village was occupied by the Sri Lankan Army.

Sri Lanka: Watching the world go by

  17 August 2007

London, Lanka and Drums on life in Sri Lanka – watching the world go by. “It's a reflection of the many ways in which Sri Lankans take a laid back and calm approach to life, a comparison with the way that there can be wonderful tolerance and acceptance of some...

South Asia: Slaving in the Middle East

  17 August 2007

South Asian migrant workers (Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal) have a notable contribution in the developments of Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf region. But the abuse and exploitation of these workers is shocking and serious issue. Migrant workers fuel the engine of the economy but they are exploited,...