· June, 2007

Stories about Sri Lanka from June, 2007

Tamil Blogosphere: Sri Lankan Tamil refugees in India

  22 June 2007

Back in Nov 2006, Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie was in India and had showered praises on India for giving shelter to displaced people from a number of countries. She also said that India's action of providing shelter to refugees from various countries, though it had needy people of its own...

Sri Lanka: A Ministry for every one

  21 June 2007

Indi.ca has a rather angry post, directed at the growing number of ministries to keep members of the Parliament loyal to the President, in a country torn by conflict.

Sri Lanka: Being young through War and Peace

  21 June 2007

Sayanthan, a talented Sri Lankan Tamil blogger based in Switzerland is famous for his entertaining podcasts. His blog is usually full of enthralling anecdotes. Today, he posted a thought provoking post on young people and their way of dealing with the conflict in Sri Lanka. A translation of Sayanthan‘s post...

Sri Lanka: Then Sri Lankan Blogger

  19 June 2007

London, Lanka and Drums on what makes a Sri Lankan blogger. “My view on it is that the SL bloggers share an interest in Sri Lanka, whether that is because of nationality or location or heritage it doesn't matter.”

Sri Lanka: On being terrorized

  12 June 2007

indi.ca on what being terrorized means “Sri Lanka is fundamentally different from the LTTE in that we do have systems and freedoms to enable a moral or at least decent state. The danger is that the spectre of the LTTE causes us to lower our own moral standards, until being...

Sri Lanka: Bloggers react to eviction of Tamils in Colombo

  8 June 2007

The Sri Lankan Blogosphere is reacting strongly to the recent move by the authorities to evacuate some Tamil people in Colombo. A lot of blogs have expressed anger and rage at the government's actions, while others have attempted to understand the reasons for this move. Another debate appears to if...

Sri Lanka: State Sponsored Abductions

  7 June 2007

Lanka Whistle-Blower on what appear to be state sponsored abductions. ” It started with abductions of Tamil businessmen, and extended to the Muslim community, and has now made the transition to the Sinhalese as well.What is all the more shocking — no wait, I take that back. What is all...

Sri Lanka: Prof VK Samaranayake

  7 June 2007

Open Maze and other blogs on the death of Prof. V.K. Samaranayake. “This is shocking news; he was the founder of the BIT (Bachelor of Information Technology- External) program at the University of Colombo (UCSC). Thanks to him lots of people, including me got the opportunity to step into the...

South Asia: A Brown Doctor on the telly

  4 June 2007

Sepia Mutiny on the slow increase of brown faces on American television. “I do realize that because of stereotypes about Asians we’re likely to see Asian representation on TV increase soon, but I want more than just parity for yellows and brownz. And yes, I do also realize that TV...

Sri Lanka: Sri Lankan Men

  4 June 2007

Tiny Little Fractures on why Sri Lankan boys don't quite rock the list, and why that generalization too isn't very fair. “I personally have my doubts that this is a solely Sri Lankan attribute but I have seen a number of Sri Lankan guys who do fit the bill of...

Sri Lanka: Used Book Stores

  1 June 2007

cerno on going to second hand book stores in Colombo. “That old book smell is still there (mingling with insense that fails to kill the aroma of old pages. Some of the stalls/shops are just intimidating heap of books. Others are neatly arrange labyrinths of narrow shelving. Most occupy the...