· April, 2007

Stories about Sri Lanka from April, 2007

Sri Lanka: Cricket and LTTE

  30 April 2007

LTTE choses to attack on the day that Sri Lanka played for World Cup. Vindicated13 says “Last night all us Sri Lankans both at home and away came together to support the home team and suffered the contemptible brunt of cowardice of “freedom fighters” as they call themselves, who tell...

Sri Lanka: LTTE and the Government

  27 April 2007

Indi.ca explains LTTE's strategy. “The LTTE is the most efficient terrorist organization ever. They don’t even hit anything, they just take off or hit something nearby, the government panics, and it gets reported as an attack on the airport. More important, it gets perceived as an attack at the airport.”

Sri Lanka: Art and Children

  27 April 2007

cerno attends an art competition awards ceremony and is struck by the children present. “The majority of these kids were from rural schools. A string of Mahavidyalayas, Madya Maha Vidyalayas, and simple Vidyalayas. Words not heard among us Colombo types used to abbreviations of Visaka, Ananda, Royal etc. There were...

Sri Lanka: An unlikely Cricket Fan

  25 April 2007

The World Cup makes an otherwise indifferent person a cricket fan. “I was surprised by my own enthusiasm because honestly I still don't care much for the sport. It being the World Cup it was only natural that I rooted for the home team. I can't exactly point out how...

Sri Lanka: Travel and Economics

  20 April 2007

The Truth Around Us on the politics and economics of travel and vehicles. “So why doesn’t the government at least reduce the tax on vans to benefit the common person. Well the answer is a Win-Lose, Lose-Win situation. If the government reduces the tax on vans, no one would buy...

Sri Lanka: Business of News

  19 April 2007

cerno writes with cynicism and honesty about the business of news. “Unsteady blurry shots of dull buildings become reverting. A true high for the news junkies. The get out of trouble free card for the politician facing the cameras after being caught with his pants down. The death toll is...

Sri Lanka: Loans, the economy and lenders

  16 April 2007

One One Things on donor conditionality in Sri Lanka. “The first is that loan conditionality has evolved over the last decade or so. In the 80’s and 90’s the World Bank and the IMF notoriously imposed loan conditionalities that have been at loggerheads with the interests of developing countries. I...

Sri Lanka: Army and the A5 road

  13 April 2007

DefenceNet discusses the Sri Lankan military situation. “Infantry units of the Sri Lanka Light Infantry and Gemunu Watch took complete control over the Mahaoya-Chenkaladi A5 yesterday. With this capture, SLA are now in complete control over 90% of civilian populated areas in the eastern province.”

Sri Lanka: Facade of nationalism

  11 April 2007

One One Things on nationalism and economics. “The idea is that foreign investment is all good but the profits leave the country, so we must stop that. People forget that profits make up just one part of economic activity. Employment generation, knowledge transfer, and services provided are several fold more...

Sri Lanka: A code of conduct

  10 April 2007

ICT for Peacebuilding on the issue of a Bloggers Code of Conduct. “A code of conduct may give a foundation to not publish or isolate their comments, but it doesn’t prevent them from posting vitriolic comments on their own blogs or leaving comments in blogs that don’t follow the same...

Sri Lanka: Why SAARC?

True Sri Lankan doesn't quite see the point in SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) “The leaders travel lavishly and stay in lavish hotels during the period of the summit and spend quite a sum of the regions citizens tax money on this puppet summit.”

Sri Lanka: The gripping game

  5 April 2007

Chaar~Max on the extremely exciting game of cricket – SL vs Eng. “Not letting down his captain Dilo held his nerves to bring down the target to 3 runs in the last ball, and when some thought there might be a Draw in the cards the bugger manages to bowl...

Sri Lanka: Cricket's Appeal

  5 April 2007

Indi.ca on the appeal of cricket. “I’ve watched whole games, but it’s hard to stay up till 3 am on a work day. However, the game courses through multiple mediums – the web (CricInfo), the security guard’s radio, casual phone conversations with friends, and the cheers of the people next...

Sri Lanka: Human Rights

  4 April 2007

groundviews on the regime's defenses about human rights violation wearing thin. “There is no escaping the conclusion that the regime is bent on a military solution to the conflict and that as far as human rights is concerned it is a toss up between a missing gene and being mala...

Sri Lanka: Cricket and Human Rights

  3 April 2007

True Sri Lankan comments on Amnesty International's campaign. “So shouting at Amnesty International is not going to help Sri Lanka at all. Sri Lanka has to gets it’s act together and face the reality of the situation. Everyone knows that the authorities are claiming that this campaign is aimed at...

Sri Lanka: On NGOs

  2 April 2007

MaXXa on the politics of NGOs in Sri Lanka. “The activeness of NGO's in Sri Lanka is full of life especially in issues related to ongoing ethnic conflict and other relevant matters. Whether their intention for such activeness is bona fide or malafide or just to promote their hidden agendas,...