· March, 2007

Stories about Sri Lanka from March, 2007

Sri Lanka: Women and Work

  28 March 2007

True Sri Lankan adds his take on the issue of women with children below the age of five years not being allowed to seek employment abroad. “This is a careful line to tread and I believe that the ban while solving some problems will only increase other problems such as,...

France: Line Crossed in the Hunt for Immigrants

(photo via broyez) Here is a sombering follow-up to the post regarding the hunt for illegal immigrants and their following arrests in France. It seems that things have gotten worst in a hurry with the French presidential elections fast-approaching. Series of sudden arrests prompted many French people to take action...

Sri Lanka: Cycles of a wartime blogosphere

  27 March 2007

cerno isn't impressed with the Sri Lankan Blogosphere's opinions on the ongoing conflict. “Perhaps we might spot the rarest beast in the Sri Lankan blogosphere: a discussion on how badly the rulers of the north and south need this war for their survival. And the sheer absurdity of expecting them...

Sri Lanka: Terrorism and Communication

  27 March 2007

indi.ca reflects on the recent LTTE attack on an airport. “When I say terrorism as communication, I mean that terrorists don’t usually occupy land as much as media. Al Qaeda didn’t start any occupation of New York with 9/11, but they have occupied the media from Fox News to clerical...

Sri Lanka: Dictatorship Rankings!

  23 March 2007

Biting satire at Broken News. Wonder what would happen if there was a competition for the top tyrant? “World number one Kim Il Jong of North Korea commented on the challenge being made on his position saying, ‘Mugabe doesn’t frighten me – he’s been playing this game for decades and...

Sri Lanka: Playing with India

  23 March 2007

janantha's home asks rather hopefully if Sri Lanka would beat India in the cricket match. “After loosing to Bangladesh, the angry fans caused chaos in India! Destroying cricketers houses and stuff. Will it happen again?”

South Asia: Brown people in the UK

  21 March 2007

Pickled Politics on brown people and the government in UK. “Although I’ve frequently explained the process and the reasoning behind which the Labour government has engaged with brown people in the UK, especially Muslims, I haven’t explained it properly in one article.”

South Asia: On culture and belonging

  20 March 2007

Sepia Mutiny has a moving post on belonging to various cultures – by birth, accident, choice and necessity. “No one has the right to be the arbiter of who does and does not get to participate in their culture. Such judgmental “guardians” had the genetic fortune or fate to be...

Sri Lanka: On Web Censorship

  20 March 2007

ICT for Peacebuilding on the increasing instances of web censorship and the cause for concern. “..my firm belief that technology, though it may not be neutral, will secure and strengthen the work of pro-democracy and pro-rights activists far more than it will aid governments clamp down on them. All it...

South Asia: Cricket Victories and Upsets

  19 March 2007

The Cricket World Cup 2007 appeared to have thrown quite a few surprises up for grabs over the weekend. Ireland won the match against Pakistan, and Bangladesh won the match against India. These outcomes were rather unexpected, especially the former one. The blogosphere has been buzzing with commentary and reflection...

South Asia: Inter Immigrant Solidarity

  15 March 2007

Sepia Mutiny on inter-immigrant solidarity in the US. “There are many layers of solidarity here: Islam, immigration, and a lot of professional overlap, particularly in the taxi and livery cab sector. Choudhury told me that Islam teaches that whenever there is tragedy in the community, anyone who is in a...

Sri Lanka: Rise of peace professionals

  15 March 2007

groundviews on the rise of peace professionals in Sri Lanka. “At the initial phase that began in the late 1970s and ended in the late 1980s or the early 1990s, many peace activities were supported by the trade unions and the church (through the church some foreign assistance was given)....

Sri Lanka: Cricket!

  15 March 2007

A Voice in Colombo develops cricket fever! “Now the wait is over for the Sri Lankan cricket fans, and we are playing our first match of the tournament today.”

Tamil Blogosphere: Reflecting on Women and Gender

  15 March 2007

International Women's Day evoked quite a lot of posts in the Tamil Blogosphere. Living Smile Vidya is a transgender blogging from Madurai, South India. Through her posts she has been quite instrumental in making other bloggers understand the trials and tribulations transgenders face in India. Her personal recounts the troubles...

Cricket World Cup 2007 through the eyes of the bloggers

  13 March 2007

The 9th World Cup cricket started with a colorful opening ceremony in the Carribean islands. The tournament is scheduled for 51 matches in a span of one and a half months. The itinerary can be found here, the tickets here, and here is the official website. (via Cric Blog) The...

South Asia: The UK army and racism

  10 March 2007

Pickled Politics on racism, the army and the government. “It is a disgusting stereotyping and an insult to any ethnic minorities who join the armed forces. If he wasn’t racist he’d be trying to stop using racially derogatory terms, not perpetuate them further by saying they are acceptable and used...

Sri Lanka: India, rape and television

  10 March 2007

The Black Lullaby on how soaps make some serious points sometimes, and how the seriousness of rape related issues are sometimes touched on in Ekta Kapoor's soaps. “An area Kapoor takes very seriously is rape because statistics show that a total number of 36 million women are raped in India...

Sri Lanka: On Media

  7 March 2007

groundviews on the allegations against media and the comeback. “Stating there were clear attempts to stifle free media and the freedom of expression in Sri Lanka, Sunanda went on to say that journalists were extremely fearful of the hate speech directed against them.”

Sri Lanka: Children and Religion

  6 March 2007

Dilispeak responds to some bloggers by asserting that children taking to the religious order as monks is not entirely negative. “What i think both of them forgot is that there actually are little children who really actually do want to become monks from a very young age.Because they like what...