· January, 2007

Stories about Sri Lanka from January, 2007

Sri Lanka: Life down South

  30 January 2007

groundviews goes to a village down south to catch glimpses of life and ask a few questions. “On the ethnic conflict, they said they didn’t want to see the country divided and that they believed the LTTE was an inhuman organization due to the acts of terrorism.

South Asia: Forced marriages in the UK

  30 January 2007

A House of Lords discussion in the UK on forced marriages covered at Pickled Politics. “Lord Lester said that on the bicentenary of the abolition of slavery, it was scandalous that we were turning a blind eye to the sexual and domestic slavery of women; he said is was fully...

Sri Lanka: Death of a Priest

  27 January 2007

A citizen journalist at Groundviews on the death of a priest. “The manner in which it which it was reported in the Sinhala media, and the occurrence of similar killings elsewhere in the country, I argue is indicative of the dire peril we are facing with regard to human rights...

Sri Lanka: Peacemaking and Religion

  24 January 2007

Infoshare Research Unit points to a research titled “Religious Contributions to Peace Building”. “The report expresses both the difficulties and the successes of religious peacemaking, and show that properly conducted religious efforts can bear much fruit.”

Sri Lanka: Art and the Tamil Tiger

  24 January 2007

Biting sarcasm at ravana, as contribution of Tamil Tigers to art is discussed. “The head of HR confirmed that for functional artisans and pure artists alike, immediate post mortem appreciation is guaranteed with the LTTE’s rewarding martyrdom retirement plan.”

Sri Lanka: Conflict and Art

  23 January 2007

groundviews on conflict and its impact on art. “Among those artists who regularly emphasize the impact of conflict on society are Sri Lankan duo Bandu Manemperi and Roger Constantine. Their most recent exhibition was based on how human emotions have been numbed by frequent and continuous violence.”

Sri Lanka: 25 years of peace, 25 years of violence

  16 January 2007

indi.ca on the need for speeding up the peace process. “If 25 years was too long for a political solution, then 25 is far too long for violence. Sri Lanka needs to return to civility, and it needs time to heal. That has to start with Tamil voices, but the...

Sri Lanka: Tourism and Suicide Bombers

  16 January 2007

groundviews on sea, sand, tourism and suicide bombers. “But it seems that no amount of catchy slogans and idyllic images of sun, sea and sand can deter some people from the grim reality.”

Sri Lanka: Looking down over Galle

  16 January 2007

Almost as good as chocolate on Galle in Sri Lanka. “Looking down over Galle, I wished for Galle and Sri Lanka a lasting peace that such a beautiful place and such a warm people truly deserve.

Sri Lanka: The Ethnic and the Military Problem

  10 January 2007

Greenhornet.lk on the two problems in Sri Lanka – ethnic and military. “An acquaintance of mine summed it up this way: “If you kill one person, you get to go to jail. If you kill a thousand, you get to go for peace talks”.”

Sri Lanka: Muslims in the country

  9 January 2007

Groundviews has some insights about the Muslim community in Sri Lanka. “At the same time the Sri lankan government is going to enroll 3,000 Muslim people into the army regiment under a Muslim regiment”

Sri Lanka: LTTE and terrorism

  8 January 2007

indi.ca on the changing tactics of the LTTE and why the attack on civilians amounts to terrorism. “However, the LTTE has now begun what they started a bonafide and terrifyingly random campaign of terror against average citizens in the South.”

Sri Lanka: LTTE Tactics

  4 January 2007

Lankawatch on LTTE tactics given the heavy defeats in hands of the Sri Lankan military. “In a sickening revelation witnesses have said that the LTTE repeatedly filled up buildings used as training camps with school children ahead of an imminent air attack.”

Sri Lanka: Discrimination and Tamil Students

  3 January 2007

Moju points to a possible case of discrimination against Tamil students. “Tamil students who were denied admission to Law College staged a token hunger strike in Colombo outside the Law College on Wednesday morning at 10:00am protesting against discrimination in admission process.” There is an interesting discussion in the comments...

South Asia: 2006 in review

  3 January 2007

Let us take a look at how the South Asian bloggers reflected on the year 2006: Bangladesh: Drishtipat reports that a total of 3,239 people were killed in Bangladesh, with law enforcement authorities killing 300 of them, from Jan. 1 to Nov. 30, 2006, an average of 9.69 persons per...

Sri Lanka: The Moped Diaries

2 January 2007

aljuhara on beginning the Moped diaries and commute in Sri Lanka. “A truly expert bus driving tease will then not bring it to a complete halt but continue to drag it temptingly about twenty feet more so that the bright little crowd has to run following it.”