· November, 2006

Stories about Sri Lanka from November, 2006

Sri Lanka: Citizen Journalism

  28 November 2006

A new Citizen Journalism initiative GroundViews based out of Sri Lanka takes off. From their About Page – “In response to many requests from INGOs, humanitarian aid organisations including sections of the UN, CSOs, local and international journalists as well as members from the diaspora to have a better idea...

Sri Lanka: War and Traffic

  25 November 2006

indi.ca on traffic snarls in Colombo, partly due to the war and because Mahinda, the President thinks nothing of shutting down traffic on the streets when he has to get somewhere. “One of the biggest daily troubles of the war is the traffic. Streets are closed and there are checkpoints...

Sri Lanka: Loss of childhood and the ethnic conflict

  23 November 2006

The ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka has meant the loss of life, opportunity and innocence for many children. Indi.ca has a post on the issue. A heartbreaking photograph by Agron with commentary “This womens 15yr old son was abducted by the LTTE (Libeartion Tigers of Tamil Elam). She was desperately...

South Asia: Politics, Happiness, Religion and The Birds

  20 November 2006

The latest from different blogs about the following South Asian Countries: Bangladesh: Bangladesh is facing a political crisis. Unheard Voices: Drishtipat group blog informs about a citizens movement in Bangladesh in which people are urged to wear a black badge demanding a free and fair election and to bring an...

South Asia: Tasers and students in UCLA

  18 November 2006

An Iranian-American student at UCLA was repeatedly shot with a taser for passively resisting arrest. Sepia Mutiny has more – with a video shot by an eye-witness, who uploaded it to YouTube. (note – not graphic, but the audio has the student screaming with pain.)

India, Sri Lanka: The death of Milton Friedman

  18 November 2006

The death of Milton Friedman has some reactions. Deane's Dimension from Sri Lanka on the loss of a man who's never been met. Patrix and India Uncut have some more reactions. “Well, maybe it's because many of the things he stood for are values I hold very close to my...

Sri Lanka: Introducing Buddhist Monks to Non Violence

  15 November 2006

ICT for Peacebuilding on an initiative called Peace Connectivity Programme for Religious Clergy. “Conducted by the Centre for Peace Building and Reconciliation it’s a fascinating initiative that when you first read it, sounds an oxymoron – teaching non-violent conflict transformation to Buddhist clergy brings to mind the old adage on...

Sri Lanka: Confidential information

  14 November 2006

Unreformable Muddle on the lack of privacy for confidential information in Sri Lanka. “One is bombarded with a gazillion ultra personal and highly confidential questions when obtaining bank a account, phone connection, insurance, lease etc., but what assurance do we have that all the information we provide are confidential as...

Sri Lanka: On Homosexuality

  13 November 2006

An interesting discussion in the Sri Lankan blogosphere on homosexuality. True Sri Lankan appears to believe that homosexuality is not natural, however homosexuals should not be hated and instead need compassion. Indi.ca responds by point out that homosexuality is not a pathological condition to be treated.

Voices from South Asia

  13 November 2006

Bangladesh: Asif of Unheard Voices: Drishtipat Group Blog analyzes the current political situation in Bangladesh and urges all the Bangladeshis to take a non-partisan moral stand to get out of the current crisis. Andrew Morris writes an essay in Desicritics about the historical faces of Dhaka city titled Bangladesh Diary:...

Sri Lanka: The Army and the massacre

  11 November 2006

Transcurrents.com on the escalating conflict in Sri Lanka. “The coastal village of Kathiraweli in the Eastern district of Batticaloa was the scene of Sri Lanka’s latest massacre of innocents in its on going ethnic conflict.”

South Asia: Macaca, YouTube and Elections

  8 November 2006

Quite a few blogs have had a reaction to the elections in the US. Sepia Mutiny reflects on the Macaca incident that was widely blogged. “There was a bit of gallows humor following the “macaca” gaffe that the use of racial slurs might actually help George Allen, but that turned...

Sri Lanka: Peace, war and politics

  4 November 2006

Transcurrents.com on the political situation and the war clouds. “The Geneva conclave has come and gone! As predicted in these columns the parley was a failure. The summit took place without any agenda because both parties could not agree to a common one.”

South Asia: Identity and geography

  2 November 2006

Sepia Mutiny on identity and the word term South Asian. “If “South Asian” exists mainly in the imagination of the diaspora, does that make it less meaningful?”

Sri Lanka: BPO and scams

  1 November 2006

A Land like no other on the potential of BPO sector in Sri Lanka and how scams could affect it. “In a recent research finding, it was revealed that main constraints we have in Sri Lanka for this industry is political instability (Obvious!), poor public transportation and high cost in...