· October, 2006

Stories about Sri Lanka from October, 2006

Sri Lanka: Hosting Propaganda

  31 October 2006

FILEnetworks Blog takes a look at propaganda and the LTTE. “So we wanted to know who hosted Tamilnet. We found the answer and it didnt surprise us at all. Finding the host is not a complicated process and you can do it yourself.”

Sri Lanka: Telecom and Conflict

  30 October 2006

LirneAsia on telecom in Sri Lanka suffering because of the conflict. “Now, Dialog and the people of the North are paying the price of the path of war. For two months, the mobile networks have been shut down in the North, with service being allowed intermittently in the East. This...

Sri Lanka: Pay less if you're a local

  28 October 2006

London, Lanka and Drums reflects on the practice in Sri Lanka of charging higher fees from tourists. “The Sri Lankan economy gains more revenue, many of the poorer local people are able to see sights and do things that they would never be able to if they had to pay...

Sri Lanka: Agendas of warring parties

  26 October 2006

Lankawatch on a reality check on the peace process and talks. “If you stop kidding around and analyze the true underlining agendas of the warring parties in the ethnic conflict, you can determine the outcome of the peace talks.”

Voices from South Asia

  26 October 2006

Bangladesh: - What does Bangladesh need now for a better future? Angelmorn has a ten point prescription. - Rifat of Close your eyes and try to see is critic about the noise pollution in Bangladesh, especially using the loudspeakers. - Shafiur of imperfect world | 2006 informs that many of...

Sri Lanka: Future of the Internet

  25 October 2006

ICT for Peacebuilding on the “Future of the Internet”. “Given that many respondents argue that violence arising from conflicts over religion, economics, and politics, will be more prevalent, the future of the internet is in one way or another deeply entwined with violence and conflict.”

Video exposes child-soldier's identity

  20 October 2006

If you've seen the guidelines for this site, you'll know that there are types of footage that we wouldn't post, and circumstances surrounding the shooting of particular videos that mean we wouldn't even link to them. Today's post is about one of those videos. I was researching a possible post...

Sri Lanka: Let's talk about Sex

  19 October 2006

ravana.wordpress.com on why no one talks of sex in Sri Lanka. “We never get taught sex education in school. Even though there was a chapter on the sexual reproduction system in my GCE ordinary Level Science textbook in school, this topic was successfully ignored by the teacher. I just thought...

India: A ‘Hindu’ terrorist

  18 October 2006

Indian Muslims reflects on why terrorists from other religions don't have labels attached to them. “Two days back LTTE suicide bombers attacked a naval base in Sri Lanka killing at least 103 and injuring another 150, a news that did not find much prominence in our mainstream media.” While it...

Sri Lanka: Peace Process

  18 October 2006

A Land like No Other on the peace process in Sri Lanka. “But, here I appreciate their effort to bring this confusion to an end, without being engaged in any sort of violent activities like they did in 1988 to oppose the merger of two provinces and the Indo Lanka...

Sri Lanka: A new truce agreement

  14 October 2006

Moju on whether Sri Lanka needs a new truce agreement. “Sri Lanka needs a new ceasefire agreement to replace the lifeless 2002 Norwegian-sponsored pact and at least 15,000 foreign soldiers in the island’s northeast to ensure its implementation, says a former Finnish monitor of the truce.”

Sri Lanka: The economy and ethnic conflicts

  12 October 2006

The delay in initiating the resolution of the ethnic conflict may have contributed to the current state of economy in Sri Lanka. More at LankaWatch. If the factors that initiated the broader ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka were not set in motion about 20 years ago, judging by certain trends,...

Sri Lanka: The average Sri Lankan

  11 October 2006

Having read a book on consumers in Sri Lanka, indi.ca reflects on the average Sri Lankan. “It’s called ‘Profiling the Sri Lankan Consumer‘ by Uditha Liyanage. It’s not the best written book, but it has a lot of facts. As an example, let’s take the average Sri Lankan male. He...

Sri Lanka: NGOs and the Tsunami

  11 October 2006

LankaWatch on the post-Tsunami money that was streamed into Sri Lanka and how NGOs cannot account for the money. “Almost 2 years on, most NGOs are not able account for the millions of dollars that poured into Sri Lanka after the devastating Tsunami that hit in December 2004.”

Sri Lanka: Business in the country

  6 October 2006

Mahoshada discusses the viability of doing business in Sri Lanka. “Conditions for conducting business in Sri Lanka have deteriorated markedly during the last year; this according to the World Bank’s annual publication Doing Business 2007, which provides a comprehensive international comparison of business conditions. “

Sri Lanka: A few questions for Europe

  4 October 2006

Love in the Age of World Domination has a few questions for Europe. “Why is it that when I say I am from Switzerland, you stare at me and inevitably follow up with “but what is your ethnicity? Is it not possible that a brown person can be from a...

Sri Lanka: Expats and the LTTE

  3 October 2006

Why does the expat community support the LTTE asks LankaWatch. “But in general a lot of expats tend to come off as being sympathetic to Tamil Tigers. Considering those who would venture out into a country with political instability are most often left leaning liberals, it is not surprising they...

South Asia: Bush and the World

  2 October 2006

Or how I learned to stop Worrying on war, Bush, Iraq and the World. “We are where we are because of Mr. Bush’s “order”.We are living today in the chaos of Mr. Bush’s war.”

South Asia Blog Buzz

  2 October 2006

The latest from the South Asian blogs: Bangladesh: - Rehan of Unheard Voices: Drishtipat Group Blog celebrates the religious freedom in Bangladesh. - US expat Yoli Maya Yeh has fabulous pictures of some Bangladesh tourist attractions. - Internationally acclaimed photographer Shahidul Alam muses on the duel of corporate profit versus...