· August, 2006

Stories about Sri Lanka from August, 2006

Sri Lanka: A National Government

  31 August 2006

A Land like no Other on the possibilities of National Government in Sri Lanka. “Party politics has spoiled this country to a level where after your race and religion, supported political party is the next most common factor of distinguishing people into groups.”

Sri Lanka: For a few Ministers more

  28 August 2006

The number of Ministers in Sri Lanka appear to have gone up. Aachcharya discusses how the public will have to finance these extra Ministers and if it makes sense to have a Ministry for Youth Affairs and one for Youth Empowerment.

South Asia: Travelling while Asian

  25 August 2006

Pickled Politics on TWA (or Travelling While Asian) as an India bound flight was diverted to Amsterdam because of what appears to be racial profiling or paranoia.

Sri Lanka: ICT For Peacebuilding and Switzerland

  25 August 2006

ICT for Peacebuilding has details of a conversation with Ambassador Daniel Stauffacher on exploring possibilities for collaboration and exploration in the theory and practice of ICT4Peace between the author's work in Sri Lanka and that of the ICT4Peace Foundation in Switzerland.

Sri Lanka: The BPO Sector

  23 August 2006

With business outsourcing becoming a major source of employment and economic development for South Asia, LirneAsia presents a baseline sector analysis of Sri Lanka's BPO sector.

Sri Lanka: The Sudan Model for Peace

  23 August 2006

Achieving peace in Sri Lanka with the “Sudan Model” – “But, GOSL have all reasonable excuses to set such a condition, given that the tigers have denied ample opportunities to sit in the negotiation table even as a military organization (carrying weapons) through out last 3 years.”

Sri Lanka: Women, harems and history

  22 August 2006

Life in Taprobane on women in Sri Lanka. “Not that the island lacked pretty women of suitable stature or the Kings got bored of their harems, they wanted to make some symbolic gestures. The Lankan women were a common topic of admiration, as evident in Sigiriya frescos, various temple paintings,...

Sri Lanka: Why Norway?

  7 August 2006

Why exactly is Norway involved in the conflict resolution process in Sri Lanka? Komiyage Loke with conspiracy theories, oil and other factors that move the planet.

Sri Lanka: the minorities

  4 August 2006

Voice of reason is critic of the current politics of violence in Sri Lanka which is pushing the minorities (Muslims, Tamils etc.) to extremist political groups.

South Asia: Rikshaaa! a film on three wheels

  4 August 2006

Gaurav Mishra reviews in Desicritics a musical documentary on rickshaws and posts some insightful background on the Rickshaws. An auto rickshaw (aliases: auto/rickshaw/tempo/tuk-tuk) is a three-wheeler vehicle for hire and is part of the unique ID of South Asia. It is one of the chief modes of transport in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka: escalating violence

  3 August 2006

Jayadeva Uyangoda in Focus Lanka analyzes the current escalating violence between the Sri Lankan army and the LTTE. The government is accusing LTTE for the recent killings of innocent civilians while it is refuting its involvement. His suggestions to settle the country’s ethno-political armed conflict include establishing of an international verification commission to investigate the charges against LTTE.

Cable TV is a right

  1 August 2006

The Sri Lankan blogosphere is concerned by the Sri Lankan government's decision of shutting down LBN & CBNSat cable TV services in the country and more to follow. Hundreds of thousands of subscribers are affected by this. Lanka Libertarian ironically puts that the Sri Lankan government should make cable tv a basic human right shielded by the constitution.